1. Jack M says

    Gimme a break. Boy is not a racist word if being used to a non-Black person. I’m glad the reporter is being classy and letting it go. Grimm already did himself plenty of harm.

  2. Chrisme says

    First of all Rep. Grimm is a co-sponsor of ENDA so regardless of his personal behavior he is actually standing up for our rights rather than just talking about them.

    Second of all, the congressman had an agreement with the reporter to just talk about the SOTU and to talk to HIM first instead of all the other reporters that wanted the congressman’s time.

    I wouldn’t have reacted in that way and find his behavior and words offensive but I would have been pissed too!

  3. jhd1970 says

    Michael Scotto is a good reporter and has been shining a light on Marriage Equality for a long time. Keep a light on campaign finance too! Thanks for staying tough with the Rep from Staten Island. Grimm seems like a jerk.

  4. Reggie777 says

    Even if you think Grimm was right in being upset with the question, he had no need to resort to physical threats. Actually death threats. Letting such bullies off from legal consequences of their actions encourage them to continue their bullying. This Christi School of politicians need to be exposed and held accountable.

  5. Princely says

    Ironically, Grimm answered the question quite well this morning on TV. Why he couldn’t do the same last night is a mystery. I wonder what changed overnight?? Hmm, what could it be??

    This is what we get when we’ve elected a dumbed-down congress! These teabaggers don’t even know how the US press is supposed to work. This ‘Sharon Angle’ style expectation that reporters will only ask the questions the subject wants to answer has taken over these numb nut representatives!

  6. anon says

    Well, the basics of this is that the Congressman’s “assignment” was to talk to the press using pre-written Republican talking points just after the speech. Talking about something else, particularly a Republican scandal, would have gotten him in trouble, so he was probably panicking about that. Too bad the cameras were rolling! The reporter of course was not going to press charges and have his House press pool credentials canceled.

  7. MCnNYC says

    Grimm is a former FBI undercover agent who worked for Chris Christie when Christie was a US Attorney and Grimm had much love for the way Christie has been handling himself recently on the various NJ scandals of late….including a gushing interview with Chris matthews last week….
    Christie and Grimm cut from the same cloth.
    Another disgusting bully who needs to be shut down.

  8. andrew says

    I never cease to be amazed at the hysterical comments posted by some on Towleroad. Grimm’s angry comments are characterized as sexist, homophobic, racist and death threats. LOL The guy was pissed at the questioner and he overreacted. Big Deal!

  9. micnyc80 says

    The reporter is from NY, and named Scotto. Grimm is from S.I. and probably has very close ties to “family owned businesses” like the kind Anthony Scotto was running 30 years ago. Tzia Rosanna probably called the congressman and told him that if he didn’t play nice with Mikey she would make his campaign funding go away. And then him.

  10. Nolan McDaniel says

    Making death threats is a felony. Doing it in public is terrorism. Why hasn’t this creep been locked up? The reporter geek doesn’t need to file a complaint. Where the heck are the cops?

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