1. Hey Darlin' says

    You can equate any two topics if you work hard enough.

    I breezed through red lights this morning with no problem, therefore God was telling me to go ahead with gay marriage.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, Greg in Seattle:

    I know you must be happy after yesterday’s win.

    You see, I may be a sissy queen, but love my football.
    And I love Wilson (can’t remember his first name)….but I love Kapernick also. And the old man, Peyton Manning, I like him too.

  3. NaomiClareNL says

    Last time I looked, actually stepping over the thing, the threshold of the door to my apartment (nearly 1 meter below sea level) here in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, still hadn’t flooded…

  4. Bernie says

    how fantastic! Another Christian that “loves” us, but hates the sin and prays that we are healed……ah, stop praying for us and pray for yourself that you may get a brain some day

  5. anon says

    There’s a long tradition of highly eccentric UK MP’s, but normally it’s their bizarre fashion sense or something that they get known for. This is more like US-style rhetoric.

  6. Jacrobat says

    The whole thing has now been well ridiculed by the very funny @ukipweather on Twitter which has now twice as many followers as UKIP’s own account in less than 24 hours and is making headlines in the press here. If we know nothing else it is that you get rid of these ideas with a good dose of British humour.

  7. Bill says

    @NaomiClareNL : your Rotterdam apartment hasn’t flooded because they replaced the mythical Dutch boy who saved the town by putting his finger in a hole in a dike with gay guys who used something other than their fingers.

    (Any replies to this comment, of course, could tell us about what people assume is used, which would be an indication of what is on their minds.)

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