1. Chris says

    I heard on Howard Stern that Christie is a HUGE Springsteen fan, and that he got really upset by Springsteen (a liberal) continuously ignoring him, lol. If this hurts him even 1/10th as badly as he hurt New Jerseys LGBT citizens by vetoing same-sex marriage, then that’s something similar to revenge =)

  2. says

    I used to love Jimmy’s musical parodies on SNL. I don’t think he ever got enough credit for his talent because most of it was mimicking pop/rock stars. Glad he’s still doing this kind of stuff on his show.

  3. mark says

    too bad Bruce doesn’t skewer Obama on Benghazi or the multiple IRS scandals, or the fact that his health care law is destroying people, families and businesses. Yea, Bruce, sitting in traffic is really a life-changer, but dead American diplomats, soldiers sent on a surge without your support who are maimed and killed not a problem-hope the IRS makes a mistake and audits YOU, a**hole.

  4. walter says

    hey Mark didn’t you read the FBI closed the irs investigation and found absolutely nothing. there more liberal groups turned down than right wing and as to benghazi the NYTlaid that one to rest. bush lost 15x as many embassy personnel from attacks

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