Utah Governor Gary Herbert: Supreme Court Was Right to Issue Stay on Gay Marriage Ruling

Utah Governor Gary Herbert released a statement following the Supreme Court's decision to halt gay marriages pending appeal this morning.

HerbertWrites Herbert in the statement:

"The Supreme Court made the correct decision to stay Judge Shelby's ruling in the Amendment 3 case. Clearly, the stay should have been granted with the original District Court decision in order to have avoided the uncertainty created by this unprecedented change.

As I have said all along, all Utahns deserve to have this issue resolved through a fair and complete judicial process. I firmly believe this is a state-rights issue and I will work to defend the position of the people of Utah and our State Constitution."


  1. says

    This is good. Now he can’t say that SCOTUS showed bias to the state of Utah. He’s states on record that the process through the 10th will be a ‘fair & complete judicial process’.

    Gonna be hard to take those statements back when the 10th upholds Shelby.

  2. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law
    letter of the law versus the spirit of the law is an idiomatic antithesis. When one obeys the letter of the law but not the spirit, one is obeying the literal interpretation of the words (the “letter”) of the law, but not the intent of those who wrote the law.

    Conversely, when one obeys the spirit of the law but not the letter, one is doing what the authors of the law intended, though not adhering to the literal wording.

    “Law” originally referred to legislative statute, but in the idiom may refer to any kind of rule. Intentionally following the letter of the law but not the spirit may be accomplished through exploiting technicalities, loopholes, and ambiguous language. Following the letter of the law but not the spirit is also a tactic used by oppressive governments.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Of course, you think it’s a state’s right issue, Governor Bigot, the right of your state to deny your gay citizens marriage equality. That’s OK, pushing this issue will come back to haunt Utah in the near future. And I can’t wait when that day arrives!

  4. Jay says

    There is only one path and that is for the Supreme Court to legalize Same Sex Marriage across the Nation. The Justices know this and are doing their best to be prudent in how they proceed.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    Tool !

    If ‘equality’ was a States’ Rights issue, then a whole lot of black people would be under the segregationist fascists of the South.

  6. Sean says

    “I will work to defend the position of the people of Utah and our State Constitution.”

    Excluding the LGBT people of Utah but still stealing their money vie taxes. Fascist maggot.

  7. says

    Their argument for states rights is ridiculous and they know it. It’s used to sway those that fear federal overreach to support their side.

    The irony is laughable. Here’s the group that created & financed federal legislation DOMA NOW claiming states rights.
    Quote the tool ‘As I have said all along’.

    Equality supporters in Utah need to bring this hypocrisy up and challeng him on this lie.

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