Welcome David Mixner

Some of you may have read the news over at longtime gay activist and author David Mixner's blog that he is shutting it down to work on other projects.

MixnerWhile we are sad to see his rich, opinionated, energized site come to an end we are thrilled that one of the pursuits born as a result will be a regular series of columns at Towleroad, in which David will write about LGBT issues, foreign policy, politics, and other of his varied interests such as wildlife and the climate.

David's tenacious and admirable work as an activist, fundraiser, strategist, consultant, and advisor to LGBT community organizations and public figures and his engaging writing style will inform and energize the conversation at Towleroad and I couldn't be more excited to have him joining us. As a personal friend, I thank him, and I hope you'll welcome him too.


  1. Steve in DC says

    David is a great addition and one of the strongest and most insightful voices we have in the LGBT community. I have been reading his blog for years. Looking forward to his contributions to Towleroad. Welcome David!

  2. DC Insider says

    Yippee. The original author of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the defense of Marriage Act. I won’t be reading his BS. I will NEVER forgive him for backing the Clintons when we had a chance to have a true LGBT hero like Paul Tsongas. David was full of crap then and he’s full of crap now.

  3. John says

    Hehehe the Towleroad comments section never disappoints. Anger, appreciation, wariness, optimism, using the topic as a way to push some other non-related agenda. And some genuine welcomes. I love us so much.

    Oh and welcome Mr Mixner.

  4. says

    Welcome David!

    I will miss visiting your blog.

    Your blog was always very refreshing because of the unexpected variety of the subject matter. I hope that as you migrate to Towleroad that you continue to offer a good selection of off beat subjects.

    Your enthusiasm and knowledge is unparalleled. I wish I had 50% of your zest for living!

  5. Mike says

    Could not be more pleased that David Mixner is going to impart some of his substantial wisdom and perspective by writing on this site! (Almost feel like he is slumming.) At any rate, we are delighted!

    Bid David a most WARM welcome on a very cold day . . .

  6. Just_a_guy says

    Admit I don’t know this David Mixner. But I trust that mostly-faceless phenom Andy Towle and I don’t even thoroughly poopoo “Rick,” haha. Mixner has gotta be better than “stuffed_anmal” and maybe even mr “tank”–who would probably admit his oddballness, ha.

    So what if I set the bar low. I’d rather that than this new guy show up too stuffy.

    Bring it, Mixner :-).

  7. MuchMuchMunching says

    I used to read Queerty, but their comments got so abusive it was terrifying.

    Towleroad is fast approaching (and in many cases overtaking) that level of discourse.

    I am reminded of something my Grandmother told me:

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and for the most part they all stink.

    It will be interesting to see if the folks who say crud like ‘anyone over 16 isn’t sexy’ will be able to find connection with an actual mature man.

    Not a little boy.

    Not some chickenhawk.

    Very disappointed that the LGBT community sinks to this level so insistently.

  8. jangofett5er says

    This is the guy who had the nerve to tell ppl to vote Quinn because she’s one our (his) own. A low opinion has already been formed about anything else he has to offer.

  9. Neil says

    Putting him out to pasture gently, He saw gay life that you could never imagine or experience. Raise a glass to all the glorious beautiful men and characters from a lost time. To hell with today’s clueless queers.

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