1. WOLF says

    It should count as propaganda for content about “non-traditional relationships” that might be seen by minors. But in no way is Russia discriminating against gays, no no.

  2. anon says

    Well, the sign is in English, so perhaps the cops can’t read it. I’m guessing that when protests happen, the cops have to call their bosses, who call their bosses, who call their bosses to ask what should be done about it.

  3. says

    Correction: two signs.

    One Phelps-style in English with the Russian flag on top, the other in the colors of the Russian flag in Russian with the US flag on top.

    The text reads: Lord, bless Putin, for he speaks against the sin of homosexuality, which the Lord considers an abomination.

  4. says

    There have been 2 LGBT protests stopped by police so far:

    One in Petersburg with a banner with the text of the Olympic charter, 4 detained, now released with a court appearance tomorrow.

    One on Red Square with a rainbow flag and activists singing the Russian hymn. Not sure how many arrested or where they are.

  5. Bill says

    The best excuse for not arresting the homophobes, who were clearly violating the law about “propaganda,” is that the police might not have been able to read English.

    The signs clearly violate the Russian law, which is supposed to protect children by making it illegal to “promote homosexuality” to children. But the easiest way to get a teenager to do something is loudly forbid it, so the signs actually promote homosexuality among minors.

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