Ben Cohen Fell Through a Trampoline: PHOTO


Adorable overload alert: LGBT ally and rugby star Ben Cohen, who ironically leads the 'Stand Up' Foundation, seems to be having a hard time doing that. Thankfully the only one who appears to be hurt is the trampoline.

Tweeted Cohen this morning:

"Just fell through the trampoline and broke it. Lol. #bigkid"


  1. will says

    Would we all be comfortable if Ben suddenly announced that the gender identity he is now experiencing (female) does not match up with the gender identity he was born with (male)? If he started wearing dresses and shaving off his body hair would we still idolize him?

  2. BrokebackBob says

    Why does it seem so impossible to so many gay that Ben loves his wife (and ladies) in all ways and that means he loves man-woman sex, but is also isn’t a f***ed up straight guy and cares about his own gender too and that means supporting gay men. What is wrong with you girls?

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    chill, man. Nobody said Cohen was Gay. We just said he was goodloolin’.

    Jeeez. Well, in his case I guess I should say, Abraham.

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