News: Michael Sam, Bozeman, Alan Turing, Nebraska

RoadTiny church is haven for LGBTs in Uganda.

RoadHow Russian anti-gay vigilantes are using Facebook and Instagram.

RoadBozeman, Montana inches toward adopting LGBT non-discrimination law.

Si_samRoadMichael Sam to grace cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

RoadVIDEO: KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin gets an earful after mistaking Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne.

RoadHarvey Weinstein pays $7 million for Alan Turing WWII tale The Imitation Game: "CAA brokered this deal based on a promo reel that had five bidders going after it hard before TWC just took it off the table, with the feeling that it has one of its major Oscar hopefuls for the next race."

RoadTrayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman is still going to get "bloody" in the ring but it won't be with a celebrity opponent.

RoadRep. Phil Roe (R-TN) on his party: "I would suggest, when we nominate people, we give them a roll of duct tape to put over their mouths so they don't say stupid things. Maybe we can win an election."

RoadAdam LAmbert and Darren Criss perform at Family Equality Council dinner.

RoadRicky Martin shoots "Adrenaline" video, looks stunning while doing so.

PlanoRoadMark Pharris, and Victor Holmes, the two men at the center of the Texas gay marriage case that opens Wednesday: "The suit is asking the court to immediately block sections of the Texas Constitution and Texas law that prohibit same-sex marriages and refuse to recognize such marriages performed in other states."

RoadPennsylvania student seeks approval for Gay-Straight Alliance in Grove City: “People call me … I don’t like to say the word, but it starts with an ‘f.’ Recently I sat at the school table for lunch and they use that word negatively towards me. I recently moved tables, and the fact that people say that’s not happening is really hurtful because it does.”

RoadSecond Nebraska county extends health benefits to gay spouses: "Although Sarpy County HR Director Karen Buche estimated that 10 or fewer employees of 450 covered county emplyees would use the benefits, board members Don Kelly and Jim Warren nevertheless voted against extending the benefits."

RoadOne Direction reality show in the pipeline.

JeffriesRoadNY Mag on the fall of Abercrombie: "Above all, Jeffries, who was once married but is now openly gay, sought to sell an image of American beefcake sexuality as he saw it: a world of hairless, amply muscled men tussling in a pastoral Eden. That this world was so highly homoeroticized—the roughhousing in the catalogues seemed perpetually on the point of turning into a full-on orgy—is one of the most poignant ironies of his success. He was persuading straight jock teenagers to buy into a gay man’s fantasy of a jock utopia."

LRoadupita Nyong'o, stunning again.

RoadWill Michael Sam's coming out compel a current NFL player to do the same before he gets there? "Chances are high there is a star-caliber closeted NFL player watching Sam’s story unfold with a mixture of admiration and jealously. Gay athletes have just as big of egos as straight ones, and NFL veterans risk a lot to earn and keep jobs in their industry….Now that Sam has shown that on the whole society is warm to the idea of a gay NFL player, it doesn’t make sense that someone of Aaron Rodgers’s stature would voluntarily relinquish a form of immortality to some unproven pup."


  1. Edd says

    Funny the Aaron Rogers name is mentioned. Wasn’t he the one there were rumors about late in the season?

  2. ratbastard says

    Getting straight and non straight boys and men to dress in skin tight jeans/pants, sagging and showing their underwear and skin, etc., shows the powerful influence homoerotica has in our society. These are just some examples, there are many more.

  3. latch says

    God, I didn’t know that truly awful Abercrombie guy was gay, until now. That’s unfortunate for PR.

    I love this quote in the NYmag story from the professor: “This generation is about inclusiveness and valuing diversity. It’s about not looking down on people.”

    I say: Good riddance to the dreadful values that preceded this generation.

    I’d be happy to see the antisocial Abercrombie brand fade away completely.

  4. LG says

    R those who fear showering with Michael fearful of popping a hard one
    me thinks these people protest far and above too much
    Luck Michael! thanks for YOUR honesty

  5. jakeinlove says

    I’ve only stepped inside an A&F once. It was creepy dark, semi-nude modelish pics on the wall, and a boring array of ‘hip’ clothes. I felt like I were more at at date-rape after party than a store.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “We have our Jackie Robinson in Michael Sam.”

    What we also need, Andrew, is a football team owner & organization as brave as Branch Rickie and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s Branch RICKY.

    I knew I should have googled before I posted a comment, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it. You take your chances.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    Jeffries physically went the way of Jocelyne Wildenstein—these are people totally cut off from reality and self-perception. As far as the Abercrombie brand, it would have been better to be constantly working off a 5-year plan. And to get some talented fashion forecast people (yes Martha, they do exist) to really look ahead and also analyze the competition, present and future. Once again, over-blown ego gets in the way. I say just fire him. That said, I haven’t put a foot in an Abercrombie & Fitch store since 1978.