1. NOTICE says

    @blake yeah all those obscure people we don’t remember from the 1960’s like Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger. Hard to remember them isn’t it?

  2. UFFDA says

    Eric Himan is dy-no-might. Hot as a pistol, high style courage and a great, distinctive voice. Woof! Watch him. His song and video from last year, Red Hot Tears was mesmerizing.

  3. TonyJazz says

    I’m looking forward to his show this Tuesday at Martuni’s in SF. He’s always a great performer!!!

    (nice song!)

  4. Ruben says

    Just saw him for the first time last Saturday night in L.A. and he performed this song!
    He is a truly talented singer/songwriter.

  5. PGH says

    I remember crushing on him from our days at Penn State for the one “gay night” at Players. He’s a nice guy.

  6. Matt says

    Eric’s the real deal, dreamy, kind and talented. Take some time to listen to his music on iTunes, personal favs: Have Me and Until the Road unwinds.