1. 1♥ says

    Let’s point to the real cause of the violence against Gays in Russia; it’s solely because of Christianity. Christianity is NOT a religion of peace and love, it’s the opposite. And I say the same thing about any religion based on the false god of Abraham.

  2. writing_me says

    How depressing reading the youtube comments. :( Go and report those people, guys, for ‘bullying and harassment’ or ‘hate speech and violence’. Disgusting bigots.

  3. says

    If you want to lose what faith you had left in humanity, just read the comments on that video in Youtube.

    The Russian legislation is particularly insidious, because it grants a monopoly to anti-gay propaganda, so all people in Russia get to hear is nonsense about pedophilia and protecting the children from “deviants”. And of course nothing stirs people into an irrational frenzy like the thought of innocent children being harmed!

  4. SpaceCadet says

    You can report the YouTube comments for abuse and post your own positive messages. People can act like such cowards and bigots from behind a computer screen.

  5. Joe says

    It makes me hurt knowing people who have the same sexual orientation as me are treated like this. My heart goes out.

    I’m blessed to be a Canadian. Most days I forget how lucky I am. This video just reminded me.

  6. ratbastard says

    Horrifying. Why have the Olympics been awarded to Russia? I hope to god athletes and others protest and embarrass Russian authorities as well as show the world what’s going on. These clips should be shown on as much as possible, and international organizations as well as political and financial should be held to btask for not speaking up more, and enabling Russia. Fat chance. They have no problem enriching and enabling the Chinese totalitarian Beijing government because a few executives have been made richer than they already are. These are the same type of scum who had no problem dealing with the German Nazis, and Italian fascist, in fact publicly praised them.

    We live in world with a lot of evil. And so much of the world is a daily hell for homosexuals to an extent an American, Canadian, western European, even many Latin Americans would find hard to imagine. Russia (and Jamaica, Nigeria, etc.,) should be isolated as much as possible, and gays in these places should strongly encouraged to escape, smuggled out if necessary, and granted refugee status. And American and other western people who encourage or enable this attitude in places like,eastern Europe, Africa, the Carribeen, etc., whether for ideological and/or financial gain, need to exposed, harassed and strongly condemned.

  7. rroberts says

    Meanwhile, the Sochi olympics have been threatened by Islamic terrorists. If they do attack in some way, as in suicide bombings, you can bet the world-wide coverage will completely blot out all concern or mention about Russian anti-LGBT atrocities, and Russia will be seen as a victim.

  8. MAP says

    All we would need is one brave Olympic Athlete to stand on the podium and make the world aware of the plight of the LGBT community in Russia.. Standing up for what if right will be remembered more then any gold medal.

  9. Michael says

    These people are monsters animals primitive non human species ugh. These poor kids teens even adults our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia need help so badly this is despicable. I also am in solidarity with Russia by not giving the Olympics any satisfaction because by watching that would be no different then turning a blind eye too the horror and pure degredation they endure as human beings. My heart and strength and peace are with them this has got too stop period this is way beyond inhuman.

  10. booka says

    We all have to come to our own conclusion on how to deal with the knowledge that there is a great evil in the world, That if by accident of birth you found yourself to be a Gay Russian, rather than a Gay American. That if this was the case, the knowledge that you would be threatened, beaten, stalked, tortured and reviled, with no where to turn for any form of justice, how is it that you would feel? What would you want the rest of the ‘free’ world to do in giving a voice to your plight? Could you trust or believe that there WAS anyone out there that understood what you are facing? For myself, as much as I enjoy watching the Olympics, that pleasure I have with it, in the face of what I know to be going on, all the way over there, has irreparably damaged that joy. I can not, of good conscience watch or participate with this event, for whatever value it might be to those I know to be suffering this evil. For myself, in doing this small deed, and being true to my promise to these people I have never met, but could so easily have been me, by a simple twist of fate. I know I can face them, and myself, to have allowed myself no part in their suffering, and to stand above reproach. It remains each our choice, this is mine.

  11. Bryan L says

    I sincerely hope that some, if not all, the American athletes who are participating in the Sochi Olympics will comment publicly about Russia’s draconian, homophobic laws. This horrific violence is a direct result of such legislation.

    The leaders of all the more civilized countries should address this issue and they should do so now.

    All corporations doing business with Russia should condemn that country’s politicians for what they have created.

    Religious leaders throughout the world should stop hiding behind their faith and issue statements immediately about the violence created by bigotry.

    The press should report more thoroughly when any minority is victimized.

    Anyone with a conscience should say or do something about the rise of fascism throughout the world. If steps are not taken, we are going to see a repeat of what happened in Nazi Germany.

  12. Maniac says

    I rarely watch these videos but I watched this one. My heart pounds out of my chest, I shake like crazy, and find myself pacing back and forth accross the room.

    People think of me as a soft-spoken, mild mannered, easy-going kind of guy. Seeing or reading about things like this make me HOMICIDAL towards these homophobes.

    It hurts SO BAD. I know it sounds ridiculous, but seeing things like this makes my mind wish SO HARD that I had profound magical powers or something so I could SAVE gays everywhere, because sadly on some level I might believe the only way this could happen is through impossible means. But no, reality won’t let me do that…

    I just hope Russian Gays, and gays in other ridiculously oppressive areas gather the strength they need to VALUE THEMSELVES and FIGHT BACK.

  13. Jon says

    Absolutely horrible. Human beings ought never to be treated in such a manner, for we are all created in God’s image.

    And to “1 Love”, to lay all of this at the feet of “Christianity” is to only perpetuate the hatred and violence, not to lessen it or resolve it. The problem isn’t Christianity…the problem is sinful hearts. This is wicked behavior that Jesus hates…reading the New Testament makes that quite clear.

  14. Careful says

    @ Jon,

    In fairness to 1Love, they DID say “…the same thing about any religion based on the false god of Abraham.” So they didn’t lay ALL of this at the feet of Christianity.
    However, when you say “to lay all of this at the feet of “Christianity” is to only perpetuate the hatred and violence…”, are you saying that gays are bringing MORE hate and violence on ourselves if we DARE to complain about the very REAL things that are happening? What I’m hearing is ‘If you put blame on Christians, well HURT and PUNISH you even more!’

    You have to acknowledge the role that the abrahamic religions are playing in the anti-gay, homophobic crusade. And yes there are other types of homophobes, but they are ALL informed and shaped by religion. And in Russia, Christianity is the MAJOR ANTI-GAY BODY.

    I agree with you that no one should be treated that way, but not because “we are all created in God’s image.” You see, we do not need to invoke religion to know that treating other sentient beings with compassion, mercy, tolerance, is a GOOD THING. You can invoke ‘the social contract’ and don’t need Jesus or anyone else.

    “The problem isn’t Christianity” – Are you serious?! No, it’s not a few bad apples in Christianity that are making things uncomfortable for all the other gay-friendly members. Human rights are taken away from gays, their families are disacknowledged, they are abused and rejected, all in the name of Christianity and Jesus; so don’t presume to white-wash Christianity to us, who know better.

    “This is wicked behavior that Jesus hates…reading the New Testament makes that quite clear.” – How sad. You don’t even realize that the new testament has been COMPLETELY supplanted by one passage from Leviticus; I believe it’s 20:13. Something about gays being worthy of death and their blood being on their own hands. Do you know that passage? It appears that’s the only text that’s relevant to your religion now… I’m assuming you’re a Christian to be defending it.

    When Bill Maher calls people like you mob wives to your religion, maybe you should contemplate that…

  15. *****overTX says

    What sickens me even more than the violence is the fact that these incidents are conducted by gangs or groups of people. It seems that it is always multiple people against one gay person. The violence is bad enough, but the fact that it takes multiple people to beat up on one gay person says how strong some of these gay people are. They are surviving beatings by groups of savages. The cowards never take on a gay person by themselves. They only work in groups. The haters have a lot of courage when there is a group of them. I wonder how brave they are one on one?

  16. 1♥ says

    RE: “And to “1 Love”, to lay all of this at the feet of “Christianity” is to only perpetuate the hatred and violence, not to lessen it or resolve it. The problem isn’t Christianity…the problem is sinful hearts. This is wicked behavior that Jesus hates…reading the New Testament makes that quite clear.”
    Your Christianity does not speak for my faith in a loving God. Your religion is based on deceit and hate while my faith is based on the love and compassion God has placed in my heart. Pointing out that your false god of Abraham is the greatest cause of homophobia in the world is NOT “perpetuate the hatred and violence”, it’s exposing it.
    Here are your New Testament quotes that show you Christian’s believe that Gays are worse than murders. They clearly expose your hateful Christian homophobia:
    “Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. –1 Corinthians 6:9-10”
    “We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers — and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine. –1 Timothy 1:9-10:”
    “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. –Romans 1:26-27”

    In closing, I would like you to know that just like the Christian’s in this video, I believe you and your kind would not hesitate to gleefully do the same to me in the name of your false god. And if you want to know why I believe that just read the comments on Youtube that go with this video.
    Jesus died in vain

  17. Jon says

    @ 1 Love – that language pointed at me by you (“you and your kind”) is perpetuating the problem. Who are “my kind”? Fellow Christians? Do you not know any Christian people? They are as diverse in opinions about politics and healthcare and gay rights and marriage and divorce as most anyone. To lump us all together as “you and your kind” demonstrates a lack of exposure on your part to actual Christians.

    The reality is, the Christians I know would NEVER do such a thing, and would try to stop such horrible acts to happen. But I realize there are those who identify themselves as Christians who perpetuate violence and a lack-of-love. That is wrong. And while those Bible passages you quote are accurate, no where in any of those passages are Christians called to beat up and torture others. You can disapprove of something on moral grounds without beating people up.

    If anything, I would actually be more fearful of you, because you seem so quick to group people you hate into a “you and your kind” tact. It’s those who hold to such a view of people and the world that end up trying to hurt and destroy the “your kind”, because they are against “my kind.” Is that what you want to see happen? If so, then you’re just perpetuating the group violence and failing to love people as unique individuals. And thereby you are denying your very name of “1 Love”.

  18. 1♥ says

    There is no hate on my side. You say you don’t hate me but you agree with the Bible that thinks I’m worse than a murder. I’ve never harmed anyone, but I have been beaten by Christians while they told me how their god hates me for being a “faggot”. I’m not the one doing the beatings and killings; it’s you Christians and worshipper of the false god of Abraham that are doing it. I know you want to cast yourself as the victim here, but you’re not being beaten and killed, the Gays are. What Christian group is trying to stop this? The answer is none of you.
    The “you and you’re kind” is to group you into people that do not love God. And you don’t love God; you only love your scriptures. It’s all you have and I don’t hate you for it, but I pity you for your empty loveless heart.
    Jesus died in vain.

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