1. FFS says

    I watched Interior. Leather Bar. the other day. If nothing else, that film succeeded in providing a context for all these things Franco is constantly throwing out there that I dismissed as “antics,” too, prior to watching it.

    If I ever cross paths with Franco, I’ll be glad to shake his hand.

  2. stranded says

    They should both trying to date each other instead of doing this attention-wh-ring stunts just for sh-ts and giggles. If Franco thinks this helps the LGBT cause, well he’s wrong. Maybe he should put the focus on the real meaningful aspect of being LGBT, and that is the capacity to fall in love with someone of your same gender.

  3. johnny says

    I think it’s a bit odd to use the gay meme as a focus for some kind of art/comic stunt. While it’s not making fun of gays, it seems to be winking at gay love a bit, which in itself sort of quasi-attempts to de-legitimize gay relationships.

    Don’t see how this helps, other than simply putting Franco and Rogen into the headlines a bit more than usual.

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