National Security Advisor Susan Rice Urged Ugandan President Not to Sign Anti-Gay Law

RiceNational Security Advisor and and former UN Ambassador Susan Rice tweeted on Sunday evening that she had communicated with Ugandan President Museveni and urged him against signing the anti-gay bill.

Said Rice via Twitter:

"Spoke at length with President Museveni last night to urge him not to sign anti-LGBT bill. #Uganda…Told him it will be huge step backward for Uganda and the world…People everywhere deserve freedom, justice, and equality. No one should be discriminated against for who they are or whom they love….Deeply saddened this decision will put many at risk and stain Uganda's reputation."


  1. says

    These international pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears. And that means these international countries need to take immediate sanctions against Uganda. ALL monies for ANY aid or assistance should halt immediately. I don’t want to hear from the whiners that ripping our money out of their hands will hurt the people of Uganda because it is the people of Uganda who are approving this along with the Ugandan government. Stop all of our food, medicines, and outright handfuls of money and let that sink in for a week or two. Let’s see how that plays out with the peoples of Uganda.

  2. Mark says

    I want every last dime of foreign aid we currently send to Uganda stopped. All of it. Every single penny.

    Furthermore, I want that same money to go to the disabled war veterans we have right here in this country, who fought for our freedom and suffer every day of their lives with lifelong challenges.

    Mr. Obama, are you listening?

  3. andrew says

    We shouldn’t just pull out as some suggest. Four hundred thousand Ugandans depend on antiretroviral drugs, funded by the USA, for their survival. We also have over 100 Special Forces Personnel working with the Ugandan military to destroy terrorists cells in East Africa. We help fund hundreds of economic development projects that help Ugandans. Clearly, we have leverage, but it must be used in such a way as to accomplish results. I’m sure the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to push the Ugandan government in the right direction.

  4. says

    Four hundred thousand Ugandans with AIDs supports the anti-gay law. Let them figure out another way to survive. Pull out the 100 Special Forces Personnel and unleash the Terrorists. Stop ALL funding of economic development projects that help the very same Ugandans who support the anti-gay laws.

    Ugandans brought this on themselves and no one should pay for their bigotry as much as the Ugandans. It’s pretty simple. Kill or jail your gay citizens and you’ll lose every dime the International countries give you. Perhaps they can turn to Russia for their anti-viral AIDs drugs and monies to fund their economic projects.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    @ ANDREW :

    We now know what they want ; a war on the homosexual lobby… Museveni has just said.

    When gays are dragged out and stoned and beaten up we are not in a position to say as was said in WWII , ‘we didn’t know.
    We know.
    Sanctions now.

  6. andrew says

    @JACKFKNTWIST: I am not saying no to sanctions. I am saying that we have leverage and should use it carefully. We have to avoid hurting too many innocent people in the process. Even the imposition of sanctions might cause homophobic Ugandans to turn on LGBT Ugandans and slaughter them. Slaughtering different groups of people is something very common in East Africa. We are able to do lots of things in the world, but we have to make sure that our actions don’t cause even more suffering and death. As an example, we are able to militarily overthrow the brutal and murderous Assad regime in Syria, but the question is will that bring about an even worse situation. All of these are complicated issues that require in depth knowledge of the situations. In the end, we have to rely on good people like President Obama, Sec of State Kerry and others in the Obama Administration to take those actions that bring about the best results possible.

  7. n2 says

    Dear JackFknTwist,
    Don’t bother with Andrew. He’s a subtle troll.

    The following quotes of his, I don’t care to cut/paste more, demonstrate they would prefer gays to be victims. It’s the same weak flawed logic that says never to fight back against a bully because they might bully you MORE! So keep giving them your lunch money and let them beat you up.
    “Even the imposition of sanctions might cause homophobic Ugandans to turn on LGBT Ugandans and slaughter them.” (They are ALREADY being slaughtered btw)
    “we have to make sure that our actions don’t cause even more suffering and death.”

  8. andrew says

    @N2: You quoted me correctly and I think I have brought up some serious issues that must be considered before action is taken. What is a troll other than someone the accuser disagrees with? I have been posting my opinions on Towleroad for several years and will continue to do so. Your charge that I prefer gays to be victims is baseless and laughable. I have never played the victim in my own life and encourage others to do what is possible to avoid victimization. Instead of labeling me a troll, which is meaningless, try coming up with counter arguments and ideas.

  9. andrew says

    @MIKE RYAN: Don’t you realize that some, maybe many, of those Ugandans you are willing to let die without the USA funded antiretroviral drugs are gay? Your solution to saving gay Ugandan lives is to let gay Ugandans die of HIV related illnesses. Hopefully few people take you seriously.

  10. simon says

    I am not quite sure what can be done. But most of the Aids victims are heterosexuals in Africa. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about them also. Just like sanctions on North Korea will cause more people die there from starving, gay and straight.

  11. says

    Let’s look at richer Nigeria. It’s anti-gay laws there are so severe that a 20 year jail sentence for sex in privacy is enforced. Recently, mobs went into homes to drag out ‘suspected’ homosexuals. They were beaten with iron bars and clubs.
    Nigeria is oil rich and sanctions will not work, but there is a sanction that will sting! Nigerians are soccer crazy and their country has qualified to go to the World Cup in Brazil. (2016?) Meanwhile exhibition matches are being held in the USA with Nigeria playing Greece as just one game. They should not be issued visas for USA.
    More important the FIFA soccer federation must ban Nigeria from Brazil. NOT a porn site, although I recently blogged Lesbian Sex: Kissing, Foreplay and Masturbation, Part 1.

  12. says

    Don’t let Nigeria play its exhibition games on USA soil. They qualified for the World Cup in Brazil and the nation is soccer crazy.
    FIFA needs to get emails and phone calls to make sure, that unlike Russia and the IOC, FIFA bans any country that takes human rights laws away from its citiizens.

  13. says

    Nigeria is oil rich and sanctions won’t affect it. Banning its soccer team from playing on USA soil and getting the soccer association (FIFA) to ban Nigeria from participating in soccer’s World Cup held in Brazil in 2016 will cause all hell to break lose amongst Nigerian fans.

    Everytime I go on a Nigerian newspaper, there are photos and comments galore on their soccer teams.

    We banned South Africa when it practised apartheid, let’s do this to Nigeria. We should also be banning Russian athletes from all sports.

  14. andrew says

    @SIMON: Hopefully a lot of bright and knowledgeable people in the Obama Administration and in some of the European Union Capitals are trying to come up with the best methods to deal with these horrendous problems. Be it North Korea. Syria, Uganda or Nigeria, the suffering and death inflicted on people by their governments is horrific.

  15. MaryM says

    Stop the money to Uganda.

    All aid to Uganda should be suspended. Seeing as 98% of the population there support this barbarism then they don’t deserve a penny.

  16. jeff says

    Send the drugs, cut off the money. Simple. Humanitarian aid only. Without the cash, many of the “politicians” lose power in the system of bribery that is Ugandan politics…

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