1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    What BS. The narrator in that video says Obama looked uncomfortable and it was awkward chitchat. Anyone would be surprised at a “surprise” visit, but Obama was completely calm and there was nothing “awkward” shown in that video.

  2. Mike8787 says

    Agreed. Also, what’s with NYMag claiming “and it seems Ndesandjo has been trying to get back at his older brother ever since”? There is zero evidence that either brother has anything out for the other, or even any awkwardness, other than the editorializing of these “journalists”.

  3. Frank says

    “especially since Mark’s mom married Barack Obama Sr. just a few months after divorcing the future president’s mom – and it seems Ndesandjo has been trying to get back at his older brother ever since.”

    This makes no sense. First of all, grammatically it implies that Mark’s mother divorced Barack’s mother. But assuming that the divorce was betwen Barack’s mother and Barack, Sr., why would Mark want to “get back” at President Obama over this? Barack’s mother was the one wronged, not Mark’s mother. Either a messed up situation, or a very poorly written article.

  4. Qj201 says

    Yes meetings with half siblings procreated by the parent that ditched you is always a pleasant experience.

    My father married the women he left my mother for (before she knew she was pregnant with #3), two weeks after their divorce was final in January. My half sister was born on Halloween (HA!).

    Met her at my grandfather’s funeral 20 years later not much to talk about.

  5. Lymis says

    Even if this was as awkward as they want it to be, it’s not like Obama would be the first politician (or President) with family members they didn’t get along with.

    Possibly – possibly – there might be a story if the half-brother had grown up with him, knew him closely, and had some outrageous and scandalous information on him that was a game changer.

    “Never met the guy until I was an adult, we didn’t even grow up in th same country” is hardly a basis for political scandal.

  6. Hrm says

    Why is this site promoting sensationalist nonsense that’s sourced from Inside Edition? What does it have to go with gay issues? Or is the T in TMZ short for Towleroad?

  7. The Milkman says

    As if other politicians don’t have messy family drama. Whatever. As long as the President isn’t appointing this guy to be Attorney General, I really don’t care.

  8. anon says

    This follows in the tradition of Democratic presidents who’ve had sibling issues, starting with Jimmy Carter and followed-up by Bill Clinton. All three were also essentially raised by their mothers and not their fathers. It’s a odd and somewhat disturbing coincidence.

  9. andrew says

    There are no bigger Obama fans than me, but that first meeting with his half brother in 20 years sure did seem cold.