1. Markt says

    How will middle America take this? The drag performer and his sister were touching to me but maybe not to the average viewer.
    I love the patrollers/protectors – don’t they know they’re patrolling themselves? Keep your kids away from those guys.
    If those laws were passed here – The Westboro Baptists types would grow and their actions would become more legitimate as well. This law will affect life for more than just homosexuals. It’s a bad sign for the future of Russia,and therefor, probably the world.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    The writing is on the wall for gay people in Russia and they need to accept that and move on – move on to another country that won’t oppress or discriminate against them. The devotion to one’s country and only go so far when your own country works every day to kill you. My advice to Russia gays? Get out of Russia. Start your new life where you are welcomed.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    Short, but highly effective piece. I can’t imagine being gay in Russia and having to constantly be in fear and look over my shoulder. Has NBC, broadcaster of the Olympics, done a similar new story yet?

  4. jomicur says

    Bravo to ABC! And where is NBC on this? They promised they’d cover the anti-gay laws and their aftermath if they became newsworthy. Well, it looks like ABC has settled that question. Will NBC do the right thing and add its voice to the chorus of condemnation? I wouldn’t go bettin’ the farm, pa. The lives and rights of gay people are obviously not as important as sequined Barbie dolls (of both genders) doing triple toe loops, right?

  5. gr8guyca says


    Is that a rhetorical question? The answer is: of course. NBC doesn’t want to kick up too much of a fuss right now. The Russians can make life difficult for their reporters, if they want to.

  6. Henry Holland says

    “My advice to Russia gays? Get out of Russia. Start your new life where you are welcomed”

    Easy for you to say from a computer in the West. [rolls eyes] What is it with people like you and your trite statements like that? You act like moving from Russia to someplace in the West is like getting a new apartment a few blocks away from where you currently live. What about travel visas and work visas in the new place? What are they going to do for money? How are they not going to be exploited in their new “home”? What guarantees are there that things won’t be as bad in the new place (like say if they move to Alabama) etc. etc.

    You’re more interested in sloganeering than you are in reality.

  7. woodroad34 says

    I remember when I moved to Los Angeles in the early 70’s (a little over 40 years ago). You would’ve sworn it was Russia 2014. I worked for a small company in Hollywood, whose owner was a member of the ACLU and he would record the police beatings of gays in Hollywood, the complaints of police non-action of gay bashing, taking pictures of gays that had their heads bashed by police flashlights…it was a scary time. This was under Republican Police Chief Ed Davis and the Department had a J Edgar Hooverian file on my boss that was about 2 to 3 inches thick.

  8. says

    People around the world are outraged about Russia’s horrific anti-LGBT laws and are taking a stand. Visit our campaign to pre-order the “Repeal Law 135-FZ / Support Russia LGBT Rights and Equality” T-shirt. Net proceeds go to The Russia Fund, who gives 100% of all donations to Russian groups working to support LGBT safety, rights, and equality. Please share your love, support, and compassion by contributing to our campaign at

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