1. Rick says

    I used to sneak into my mother’s room and tried on her clothes. I was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror.

  2. Nellie says

    Does someone know if Crystal is dead or alive? I can’t find any information on her, which is odd since she created the House of Labeija.

  3. gregorybrown says

    Referring to this as about “the early days of drag” is ignorantly ahistorical. It is about a particular group of men at a particular time who were carrying on a long tradition of cross dressing both for entertainment and for self-fulfillment.

  4. snork says

    The triptych of the black gay male experience (1950-1980): The Queen, Portrait of Jason, Paris is Burning.

  5. Michael says

    I used to be good friend with Jack. He is perhaps the most amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around.

  6. Dave says

    Sad to see someone degrade himself like this. He has given up on himself as a man and is now an object of pity. Why some gay men can’t accept and embrace their status as men I will never understand, but at least there are fewer and fewer of such people in the world as time marches on.

  7. will says

    I read about this documentary in one of Pauline Kael’s books. I saw clips online and it’s really catty & depressing in the same way watching “Boys in the Band” is. Self-pity runs pretty strong in both.

  8. BobSF says

    I don’t really care enough to wade through all this background about this carnival act. But i couldn’t help notice that one of the performing clowns called him or herself “International Chrysis” and died at the age of 39. Gee, let’s all celebrate life choices that kill you at age 39. Let’s all aspire to a life of promiscuity, loveless hookups, instability, and gender confusion. All leading to a reduction in lifespan by over 40 years.

    Anyone who celebrates this is beyond sick.

  9. SpaceCadet says

    It’s interesting and say how some gay folk including a few of those posting here are too ignorant to realize that the same comments of being “confused” and “not real men” are exactly the same things used by homophobes against gay men. Ah, the irony. That’s why LGBT are all in it together.

  10. Mike says

    Spacecadet, you dummy. Gay men are 100% men. Being gay does not mean that you are gender conflicted or confused. When people say that about gay people, they are lying. When people say that about transgenders, they are telling the truth. That is why LGB and T should not be lumped together.

  11. SpaceCadet says

    Nope, you are the dummy and ignorant. How would you know transgenders are confused and conflicted unless you are one yourself? Go away troll. LGBT forever!

  12. says

    LOVED THIS! Look…yes it was crude compared to todays productions, yes it was depressing (good gawd that soundtrack???) but this is part of OUR history, it’s pre Stonewall for christs sake. These girls (IE Drag Queens) were a driving force in our civil rights history, and many of the posters should get a clue and show some respect. I’ve always been amazed at the courage and strength these catty broads (said w/love and affection) display day in and day out. SO glad to have watched this. What a time capsule!

  13. Eric says

    The trolls on here would do well to remember that it was a drag queen who stood up against the homophobic raids on the Stonewall Inn and started the LGBT civil rights movement. They stood up and said ‘no more’.

    Without drag queens, you wouldn’t have the freedom to post your bile on here.

  14. NotSafeForWork says

    The last 5 minutes are the best. Epic reading and shade throwing from the Queens of yesteryear.

  15. will says

    What’s the logic of one of the previous posters? Drag queens fought at the Stonewall Inn — therefore, we must like (or give only positive critiques) of all drag queen movies and documentaries?

  16. jamal49 says

    I saw this when it was first released in 1968 in SF. I was 18 and in the Navy. I didn’t know what to think! I saw it years later around 1977 in a small off-the-wall cinema in Manhattan. The ensuing years had given me a perspective to appreciate this very important aspect of gay culture. It is sad to read some of the comments here.

    Spacecadet, you have spoken the truth.

    For BobSF and others, go f*ck yourselves.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    “The Queen” has a very strong Philadelphia connection. The person that won the contest was Rachel Harlow, a transsexual woman from Philly. And then there was Joey Venuti. Joey was one of the mistresses of ceremonies at the contest in the film, and he was also Rachel’s coach (so to speak).

    But Joey was also well known in Philly’s Black Gay world. He would open clubs for Black Gays in Center City Philly. They weren’t always the greatest places, but atleast he tried. He tried to point where other White Gay bar owners would refer to him as “Joey and his n.ggers”.

    Joey was always nice to me…even though he prefered rough trade. :-) LOL, but so did I.

  18. BobSF says

    Jamal, you can cuss me all you want. This person died at 39. Why are you supporting choices that kill a person at 39?

  19. says

    STAGGERING. My heart can hardly take it. What those men dealt with and faced, their strength and resilience. Tremendous.

    And screw the haters. I mean hater Singular. The one sad troll who uses various screen names to mask his insecure wimpery. Stop being upset that Queens in 1968 were more man than you are today.

  20. Excuse Me! says

    The “manly men” who are shrieking here are so over the top in their mannerisms pretending to be butch that they come across more “putting on” than any queen on stage. The queens on stage are doing it for show and they know it. You bitches, on the other hand, are not fooling anyone with your “straight acting straight appearing” ways. “Acting” and “appearing” is right because you guys are delusional if you think you are coming across as anything but bitter, self hating bitches!

  21. Jennifer Lassalette says

    I am writing on behalf of Si Litvinoff, Producer of The Queen 1968 Documentary. This is an order to cease and desist. This film is not public domain, nor has there been any authorized distribution of the film. You are in violation of copyright infringement and interference of business. Please remove all content regarding The Queen to avoid litigation.

    Thank you