1. JackFknTwist says

    Oh please !
    Let’s solve this rocket science dilemma – let all the gays come out.
    Dilemma solved.
    Let’s kick this BS on the head.

    As for a man’s game, wake up you simpletons.

    We will never forget Mark Bingham, gay rugby player who brought down the Penn. Flight 93.
    And he played a tougher, harder game without the pussy body armour of shoulder pads.
    Give me a break.
    You want a man’s man; Mark Bingham, you pretentious scum.

  2. calansf says

    Anyone else find the irony funny that they’re talking about this young gay football player with the courage to come out and then end the segment with a lead-in to the next segment…an interview with still-closeted Kevin Spacey. Haha.

    He looked so scared, as if George was going to ask him “Hey, look at this brave kid. Why are you such a p*ssy, Kevin?”

  3. says

    I admire Kluwe tremendously. I too believe the biggest problem is with the administration/managers of football, not the players themselves. Yes, there are those players, generally extremely religious, who whine publicly but when you get right down to it, gay players are no different on the playing field then straight players.

  4. teteryy says

    ‘Distraction’ is a dog whistle. It’s code for ‘no homo.’ Don’t let bigots hide behind this nonsense.

  5. anon says

    Will the NFL accept MS? Not unless they have to. The idea that they’ve been hiding their love for gays all these past years is silly. That doesn’t mean they have a valid point, but I don’t expect them to change overnight.

  6. TampaZeke says

    So, let’s see, Sam is the best defensive player in the best college football conference and best defense conference in the nation but the big wigs in the NFL aren’t sure if he’s good enough. If he were straight, had a rape case pending, a drug arrest and a domestic violence record he would be a first round draft pick with no concern about “distractions”.

  7. Cory says

    Cyd Ziegler is licking his chops isn’t he. The republican quisling is finally able to latch on to someone of relevance in Michael Sam. Sam also has quisling Howard Bragman as a PR man.

    I hope that incredible kid sees these two for who they are and doesn’t give them the access and footnote in the history books that they so desperately crave.

  8. Thomas Cardellino says

    Cyd Ziegler is in concrete up to his knees in denial about the real world. Why does he project a world where unicorns romp and fairies are welcomed to Republican fundraisers? I occasionally check into “OutSports” but I’m repeatedly repulsed by Cyd’s refusal to see life as it truly is, especially here into the 21st century. Why is that? Does he have 3 or 4 straight older brothers who’ll beat him up if he speaks the truth, and not the “wish it were?”

  9. SteveDenver says

    Pete Thamel is an idiot for subscribing to the idea that gays can’t be tough, gays aren’t “manly,” gays aren’t aggressive. How does he think Michael Sam got to the top of his sport and conference?

  10. lg says

    Does anyone have records of the # of naked so-called men were attacked in the showers with this person? Such crap such crap heaped by the news on what appears to be a nice guy and good at his sport. BUT most of all he´s honest.

  11. Rowan says

    Was gonna click on the interview but from the comments and the summary, it sounds like another BAD lgbt interview! Sheez! The gays desperately need a Laverne Cox (sp?)!.

    Intelligent, bright, debater and someone with balls that has pretty much transformed the trans community in the media.

    I don’t know one gay media personality who fits all those monikers. For this guy to get away with saying gay men aren’t manly??! And Cyd doesn’t call him out? Doesn’t ask him to say it to Sam’s face?