1. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    Unfortunately that was like an SNL skit… probably sounded good on paper but wasn’t really that funny… and went on way too long. I’m a huge Kristen Wiig fan so I would have preferred for her to be herself.

  2. Brian W. says

    Why would anyone watch a network late night show in 2014 with so many other entertainment choices available?…..DVR, Netflix, On Demand, original cable programming, etc.

    I watched his premiere episode out of curiosity and because it was a historical television moment.

  3. Baltesq says

    Wow Jimmy Fallon is awful. His show is unfunny and totally unwatchable. Now Jimmy Kimmel on the other hand . . .

  4. Seattle Mike says

    Wow. Theotherjamesintoronto beat me to it. Exactly like an SNL skit – great in concept, crap in execution. And I too love Kristen Wiig.

  5. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    Are you people insane. Jimmy Fallon is consistently the funniest person in late night television and a great chance for the Tonight Show shine for NBC again. He definitely skews younger and might turn off some of the older viewers of TTS, but I can’t get enough of hanging out w/ Jimmy and his “pals”. He ALWAYS appears to love what he’s doing. Leno was the one that was unwatchable and LONG overstayed his welcome.

  6. says

    Gee, I’m so glad it isn’t just me. I don’t find Fallon funny whatsoever. He comes off as disingenuous and phony. I don’t think he is funny and I really didn’t think this bit was funny at all. As noted in the past, thank goodness NBC is off my viewing schedule.

  7. darren says

    I find it so interesting that so often gay men are the harshest critics of EVERYTHING..there never seems to be a topic that they dont absoloutely trash to death..
    its never a case of “just not my thing”…seems more “worst that there is”..for a show that is currently receiving record ratings for ALL of the late night shows it would seem that Mr. Fallon does have an audience and an audience that in fact do enjoy him and his humour.
    If you don’t…turn the channel..or go to Net-flix as suggested
    problem solved.!!

  8. Mike says

    I laughed my ass off as I watched them improv their way through the interview .Maybe some guys were annoyed because they were parodying their crush Harry.

  9. Paul R says

    Note that this was a reprise of a character she played on SNL who pretended to know answers and gave stock, blank, or evasive answers and allowed the other person to fill in the blanks. She just didn’t play quite as dumb here. I found it reasonably funny, definitely more because of her than him.

    Tht said, I’m a huge critic of SNL and don’t understand why a show with 25+ writers and 20+ performers can’t manage to develop more than one or two amusing 3- to 4-minute skits per 90-minute episode. It’s rare that there are, say, five funny skits. It may be that it’s writing by committee, with too many people involved in each skit, or skits are water downed or stretched too thin because everyone is asked to give input or feels obligated to do so. Or maybe the problem is a few domineering writers and/or actors (perhaps with mutual favorites) who ignore input from others.

    I don’t know, but am grateful for Tivo. Having to sit through all the skits and commercials and most of the bands would be tortuous. Some skits are like something a group of third graders would write.

  10. TonyC says

    I love Wiig when she’s on a talk show.. The last time on Kimmel her phone rings and it was a dating service / we all went with her on the fake date.. Fallon on the other hand is a wait& see.. One hour show with 15 minutes of commercials / no one can survive that onslaught