Students Confront Australian PM Abbott: ‘Why Are You So Against Legalizing Gay Marriage?’ – VIDEO


High school students from the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts (a school in the suburbs of Sydney) confronted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a question and answer session on Friday about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Asked one student, to wild cheers from the others:

"Why are you so against legalizing gay marriage?"

Abbott replied:

"Well look, I’m not against people having a wonderful relationship, I’m all in favor of people having loving, permanent relationships, but I guess it’s a definitional thing."

To which another student shouted, to more wild cheers:

"There's a lot of gay people in our school. I have a lot of gay friends, and it’s sad to think that they can’t get married just because they’re attracted to the same sex!"

Abbott, knowing he was defeated, moved on:

"I'm getting a clear message alright. Let's have a bloke's question."

Watch (questioning starts at around 2:30), AFTER THE JUMP...