1. says

    Great speech. He is on the right side of history and can be proud of himself–with his family’s encouragement–for doing the correct thing. The Constitution wins.

  2. ascanius1 says

    it really is a highly emotional time for us.

    2000 years of christian lies about sexual orientation and all the violence and other gross injustices inflicted on lgbts as a result of those christian lies are coming to an end in the industrialized west.

    i am not one to forgive and forget.

    the dead-jew-on-a-stick cult is in rapid decline in the west. and that is a very, very good thing.

  3. Will says

    That person with the iPad should really invest in a proper camera if they are willing to stand there for 5 minutes taking pictures on a god dam tablet

  4. Ronan says

    In a hill-billy, Know-Nothing state like Kentucky, it takes a brave man to do what Attorney General Conway did. JFK would have called it a Profile in Courage.

  5. mike says

    I wonder if his tears have anything to do with this:

    Conway and his father are partners in thoroughbred racehorse Stately Victor, named after Jack’s childhood best friend who died at age 23. On April 11, 2010 the colt won the Grade I Blue Grass Stakes and later ran in the Kentucky Derby.

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