Frank Ocean Files for Legal Name Change; Is Being Sued by Chipotle

Frank Ocean has filed documents to legally change his name from Christopher Edwin Breaux to his adopted stage name, TMZ reports:

Fr_oceanTo make it official … Frank has to plaster his intentions in a newspaper on 4 separate occasions — once a week, 4 weeks in a row.  The idea is that if he's using the name to defraud someone, potential victims can come forward and object in court.

In other Frank Ocean news, he's being sued by Chipotle for backing out of a deal to sing "Pure Imagination" for the animated ad that went viral last September. Ocean was reportedly angry that Chipotle's logo appeared in the ad:

The restaurant says it got an email from Frank's people claiming Frank thought he was promised final say over the recording and all promotional materials — and believed the company was in breach when it refused to remove its logo.

Chipotle is suing to get back the $212,500 advance it paid Ocean.

Fiona Apple recorded the spot in Ocean's place.

You can watch it HERE.



  1. ian says

    somewhat off topic, but i only recently, in the past week, listened to his most current CD for the 1st time. it’s actually quite excellent. i’ve always tended to eschew grammy winners because so many were completely undeserving in the past that to me a grammy nomination or win was a negative. either my taste in music has declined, or the grammy selections have improved. probably the former.

  2. Chitown Kev says

    If Frank Ocean doesn’t want his birth name than I’ll take it…what a wonderful name.

  3. Mikey says

    I agree with Kev that his birth name is actually quite lovely.

    I’ll laugh at Jay for being a useless idiot, much like his mother must do.

  4. Thomas says

    I like Frank Ocean, but Fiona Apple’s cover of Pure Imagination is incredible – so I’m kind of glad he backed out.

  5. MickyFlip says

    I love Frank Ocean and his music. I do feel he’s a revelation in R&B. However, I personally do question his…motivation in outing himself? I get the sense it was more of a ‘marketing ploy’ considering his songs contain universal resonance. In example, Thinking About You is more of a continuation from There Will Be Tears off his first album. I wonder if it’s about his step-father getting into a fight with his mother. The line “A tornado flew around my room before you came..” sounds like something you would say to a child after a fight or argument. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if the child was smart enough to know better. Bad Religion strikes me as Mr. Ocean’s personal struggle with accepting the love of God (if you will?) and returning that love as well.

    And Forest Gump. Well, that’s just what the song is everytime I’ve listened to it. It’s about the character of Forest Gump. I don’t see any deeper meaning to it. But that’s just my personal take on it every time I listen to it.

    But I still feel he’s amazing in his craft and can’t wait to see what else he has in store.