1. Tyler says

    Sam/Rick, once you find out that some of the men participating we’re effeminate, you be quite livid as they only reinforce that culture of effeminacy you’re always complaining about. Stop pretending that you care. You’re still our resident troll at the end of the day.

  2. Vint says

    This was absolutely brilliant when Jennifer Louise Lopez did the first request for a stoning. (Also fearless, as there was no way to know they wouldn’t actually do as they feel Jeebus would.)

    It’ll have to be stepped up a notch to continue being effective, but it’s still delightful to see.

  3. Kieran says

    Why wasn’t so-called “Civil Rights activist” Al Sharpton at this rally? Where was Mayor DeBlasio and his bisexual wife? Where was Bill and Hilary Clinton? 50 is a pretty weak number in a city that boasts o being one of the gay capitals of the world.

  4. Kev C says

    I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve. They are only popularizing and legitimizing this oddball preacher. If they really want to fight against homophobic violence, they should protest hip-hop awards.

  5. Kev D says

    KevC the burden of proof is on you, and you have not given a shred of anything to convince anyone about legitimatizing the monster.
    incidentally, i’ve never read anything about you protesting hip-hop awards…

  6. steve says

    accountability is important. as long as they protest non-violently…all is well. it is amazing though…the culture…how this pastor thought it was acceptable…he apparently needs to realize it’s 2014 and not 1994 – the world has changed. it is a testament though to how shamelessly (and proudly) homphobic this country has been historically…nowadays, I think some people are shocked at how empowered gay people are now…

  7. MattyC says


    I was there on Saturday, and it was one of the most diverse protests I’ve ever been a part of. Age, race, religion, gender, sexuality, every last label was represented. Even the bigots came out to participate.

  8. Jeton Ademaj says

    great protest, despite multiple difficulties like the local subway being non-operational. Pastor Manning is a neighborhood joke, and has been for years…that does not excuse his public incitement to violence.

    the protest itself was entirely diverse, and the claim that we “made ‘Pastor’ Manning’s point for him” is typical of the armchair activist. “i would like to see more melanin on protestors faces, i would have stayed home otherwise” some have said…cowardice is always easy.

    personally, i’m still happy to watch that fat troll do angry doubletakes every time he sees my husband n myself holding hands on Lenox avenue…now, if only some other male/male couples would do the same!

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