1. says

    All the Phelps-es combined are less damaging to our communities than this one man. And yeah – he was allowed to march in the St. Pat’s parade in Boston – the one one that wouldn’t allow LGBT people.

    gay = bad. promoter of genocide = good.


  2. MaryM says

    I agree. Lively is not responsible for the genocidal homophobia in Uganda.

    Uganda is entirely responsible for its genocidal homophobia.

    Lively goes to sh*th*les like Uganda in the knowledge that his bigotry will be applauded.

  3. Bill says

    Lively must be trying for a Hollywood career, starting with a remake of Arsenic and Old Lace, which has the classic line, “Insanity runs in my family…it practically gallops.” Maybe he could play Jonathan (the psychopathic who escaped from jail).

  4. Gigi says

    I’ve been having a little back-and-forth e-mail exchange with Lively. I sent him an e-mail just to give him a piece of my mind and to my surprise, he responded. Each time I reply to him, he sends a reply back. As you might expect he’s just as nasty, hateful and duplicitous in his e-mails as he is in an interview. Pretty much all he does is tell you that YOU’RE wrong, that YOU’RE a liar and that YOU’RE going to hell because, you know, he’s god’s chosen spawn (or something). It would be entertaining if he wasn’t doing so much harm with his hateful rhetoric. He thinks Obama’s a closet-case. I think HE’S a closet-case.

  5. woodroad34 says

    totally clueless on the results of his actions or totally unsympathetic about the results of his actions; either way his is the face of a psychopath–he kills not with direct action but through his words.

  6. says

    The interviewer confronts Lively with his bit about “Nazis were gay,” but doesn’t follow up with anything about all the gay men sent to death camps. I have a feeling Lively would deny that it happened.

    Anyway, why do I watch this nutjob? I don’t even like BLAKE Lively!

  7. anon says

    If ever there were a poster boy for not being rational about homosexuality, Lively would be it. He’s been promoted beyond all accountability by anti-gay “leaders” in the conservative “movement”, and was paid tens of thousands of dollars to achieve the goal of persuading the Ugandans of passing anti-gay laws as a way of showing “achievement” in the anti-gay movement. There is no hope of achieving the same goals here in the US, but the fundraisers are hoping no one notices.

  8. Bernie says

    If you really think about it, Mr. Lively’s own words will do him in………there are tons of videos, etc of Mr. Lively spouting out his hatred and illogical nonsense……and anyone thinking that President Obama is gay has their trolley way off the track! and Mr. Lively fits that bill……..

  9. Robotron says

    He’s an evil,vile,disgusting,haggish toothed, spiteful,mean,nasty horrible male. He’s probably a self loathing deep closet case. And there are SO many. He should stay in Uganda and God willing he’ll be discovered with a bunch of underage boys,having sex, and get killed.That would be his karma.

  10. Damien says

    You know people, not all homophobes are clost cases. Just saying. Scott Lively is probably a psychopath, comorbid with a lot of other mental disorders. If you want to add to your list of reasons to “why”, take a moment and look up “Attitude Inoculation”. That is a factor that explains a lot of die-hard anti-gay pundits.

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