1. Nick says

    Mikey -what would your bejessus think of the lies and half-truths you spew out of your mouth? Go back to reviewing movies full time-you self-loathing egomaniac.

  2. Mike says

    I LOVE IT!
    I thought perhaps the GOP might have a chance in 2020 but now it’s apparent they have no plans of changing course and have sealed their fate.

  3. ian says

    with every moronic statement from some speaker it become clear that cpac is no more than a right wing circle jerk. What else is going on at this event? It is all about “stroking” their own fears hates and prejudices. each speaker seeks to elicit an “ejaculation” of applause from the audience by saying something he or she knows will get them off. the only positive outcome of cpac is if it helps to drive more people out of the party, although there don’t seem to be may moderates left to drive out.

  4. Mags says

    You know what surprises me in today’s posts on CPAC??

    The UNENDING parade of while straight entitled men parroting religious zealotry, expecting it to be received as honest and applicable bylaw to a country where Separation of Church and State is Constitution.

    The Conservative Parroting Apes of Comedy should tour the country more often, and dare to visit our more liberal states more often.

    We could use the laughing material.

  5. Clayton says

    I suppose Medved would say that states don’t ban gay marriage so much as they define it as being one man and one woman. But even if that were true, it is a distinction without a difference.

  6. gregorybrown says

    Medved was a preposterous failure as a movie reviewer. His posturing in public failed. Now he can clown around among people lacking taste, sense or decency. It keeps him off the streets.

  7. says

    Only the biggest ignoramus on the Planet would look at that line of bullsh*t and think it is in any way valid and then be stupid enough to go on a nationally broadcast panel and actually defend it. That’s your cue Medved.

    Every time you think CPAC can’t be any more ludicrous they prove you wrong.


  8. Princely says

    I’ve worked with that turd. He’s an absolute joke and every person he comes in contact with knows it after five minutes. His worthless, intellectually unsound and silly argument is one he’s trotted out for years now. I guess all the courts they’ve tried that bunk in must be liberal too because they can’t get anyone to legally side with it.

  9. Bernie says

    Mr. Medved should be a comedian! He missed his true calling…….The statement that gays can marry those of the opposite sex make my veins pop, but more importantly it is a illogical, irrational and just plain stupid thing to say about someone who is gay…. It actually has me on the floor laughing my ass off!

  10. kit says

    Apparently, the concept of “love” is alien to these turds’ ideas about marriage. That you would want to marry the person whom you love — instead of just some random person — simply does not occur to them. I wonder how their spouses feel about that? Sanctity of marriage indeed.

  11. anon says

    When MM found out how much more money you can make on conservative talk radio than the more mainstream movie review business he didn’t think twice about it. He had a successful TV show with a fellow reviewer Jeffrey Lyons that was sort of the PBS successor to then syndicated Siskel and Ebert. He was an outspoken liberal in print but made the monetary conversion to conservatism by getting to sit in on Rush Limbaugh. I don’t think either audience would have noticed the contradiction since he was talking to two separate worlds. After his books started coming out though about the evils of Hollywood, he couldn’t go back to his old gig as a big city liberal reviewer.

  12. Matt says

    I can certainly understand Medved’s confusion. After all, the various state constitutional bans are getting flipped over like hotcakes these days 😛

  13. EchtKultig says

    You just know Medved asked the hot guy (GoProud drone, presumably?) out for a drink after this. To, you know, “discuss their differences”. In other words, get drunk and beg to give him a BJ by the end of the night.

  14. TKinSC says

    Everyone has the right to marry. Nobody has the right to marry “the person they love” or any person in particular. Marriage by definition involves a man and a woman. Anything else is not a marriage.

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