1. tristram says

    You have to hear Christina Bianco’s version lampooning Idina.

    Better than the original, especially when she switches to ‘Celine Dion’ mode”


  2. Al Eugene says

    Well, one thing’s certain, this song can’t sound any worse than it already does. It won for best song because it had no contender. Winning for best song was like winning for best ear infection.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    I never asked to listen to this song, it’s been kind of forced on me (and on undoubtedly too many others) and unfortunately is stuck in my head. Please make it go away.

    I must admit that Idela Kazaam’s voice was perfect for the nose-jobbed, chinless character in the film.

    Christina Bianco’s version (presenting “The Multiple Personalities”) is the best (oxymoron), I’ll admit.

    BTW, no contenders? HAPPY is basically a much better song. Should have won just out of popularity and sunshiny brightness. Guess it wasn’t child-friendly enough. Or Disney has a lot more power than I ever imagined.

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