1. says

    I feel like there is a really big gay population in Utah, specifically Salt Lake, but because of the huge mormon hold many of them are closeted.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    Obviously it would have been more daring and reflective of the truth if the video had him sleeping with another guy.

  3. Qj201 says

    Pining after straight guys or closeted guys is something you hopefully grow out before your 30s

  4. Eugene says

    “The last thing I want to do is be that guy that gets married and lives the double life. There’s so many of those people in Utah.”

    And yet he believes that Mormons are tolerant…

  5. Jonnycakes says

    Refreshing to hear Tyler talk honestly about his youthful crush on a straight guy. Who among us didn’t have such an experience?

    He should have a long talk with another Mormon rocker Brandon Flower regarding his horrific PSA’s for the LDS Church.

    Glamster Please!

  6. anon says

    I think we might be entering a time when celebrity coming out stories are used to push their latest projects.