News: Justice Scalia, Jem, Chris Evans, James Baldwin

RoadThe White House blog confirms reports of the steps the U.S. is taking in Uganda.

RoadWingnuts enraged as Christian charity World Vision welcomes gay married couples.

BatmanRoadThe line is drawn: Male superheroes in female superhero poses.

RoadThe terrifying new world of slutty animatronics.

Road1,000 gay men from Hong Kong and China wanted for trials of injection to prevent HIV: "If it goes ahead as planned next year, the project by the Aaron Diamond Aids Research Centre in New York will be the first HIV-prevention clinical trial in China."

RoadRafael Nadal strips down after sweaty practice session.

URoad.S. Ambassador James 'Wally' Brewster and husband meet with Dominican president and wife.

RoadAkon details the demise of his business relationship with Lady Gaga: "Actually I cashed out. I got out while the gooding was hot. It’s like a business, you build it to sell it. When I got it to the peak of where I felt it couldn’t go nowhere, and there was nowhere left to go but down, I cashed out, in other words I sold my share and got out before it was too late."

RoadAmerican Horror Story Season 4 title revealed.

RoadBecause a little Rufus Wainwright "Hallalujah" is never a bad thing.

EvansRoadSpeaking of superheroes, Captain America is brooding up the cover of Variety...

RoadGay couple in Texas fights attempt to halt their challenge to the state's marriage ban: "According to the state’s filing, the Zahrn plaintiffs don’t oppose putting their case on hold pending the appeal of the preliminary injunction, but in a new filing, the McNosky plaintiffs take issue with the state’s request."

RoadJem and the Holograms movie reboot has no women on production team.

RoadJustice Scalia answers gay rights question in Brooklyn: "Scalia's exchange with the nervous-looking law student came at the end of a spirited Q&A hosted by Brooklyn Law School that touched on other controversial issues like the NSA's spying on Americans. That law student pointed out that Scalia has issued dissents in cases that have broadened gay rights. Those dissents may have created fodder for anti-gay hatred, the student said. A visibly annoyed Scalia spat out, "Hate whom you like.'"

RoadLady Gaga is a pink sparklepony, reveals she's submissive in her relationship.

ManningRoadVocativ interviews James David Manning, the pastor behind the "Jesus Would Stone Homos" church.

RoadBirmingham, UK man charged with homophobic attack: "Leo Francis, 51 of Bristol Road in Edgbaston, was charged yesterday with attempted robbery and possession of an offensive weapon. The attack was reported after city-centre CCTV operators spotted a confrontation on camera in Hurst Street, outside the Village Inn at around 12:50am yesterday. A 22-year-old man was taken to hospital and treated for cuts and bruises."

RoadAnti-gay activists in Georgia warn LGBTs against marking the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.

RoadJames Baldwin's Jimmy’s Blues and Other Poems coming on April 1: "It includes all of the nineteen poems from the original Jimmy’s Blues, published a year before his death in 1987, as well as poems from Gypsy, a limited-edition art book, of which only 325 were printed."

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  1. Very handsome pic of Chris Evans.

    Posted by: Matt27 | Mar 25, 2014 4:06:32 PM

  2. Akon is a smart guy.

    Posted by: Christian | Mar 25, 2014 4:11:46 PM

  3. @ christian


    Posted by: Moz's | Mar 25, 2014 4:32:17 PM

  4. two gaga posts? that promo $$$ must be good.

    Posted by: don't a tell la | Mar 25, 2014 4:40:51 PM

  5. AHS "Freak Show" set in Florida. How appropriate!

    Posted by: JonnyNYNY2FLFL | Mar 25, 2014 4:42:31 PM

  6. Scalia truly has no class, no gravitas and as for having a judicial temperament, well, that seems to have escaped him as a necessary or desirable characteristic.
    And the Big Man slaps down a nervous student; it confirms what we have always said about him; he is a bully.

    What a religious freak he turned himself into.
    His judgments will be swept away;
    ( with Lord Denning's pronouncements on 'the appalling vista' that the accused could be innocent.)

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 25, 2014 5:18:04 PM

  7. I didn't even recognize Evans, which surprises me because I tend to stare a few extra seconds at every photo I see him in.

    Posted by: sparks | Mar 25, 2014 5:22:54 PM

  8. James David Manning may be a sleazy, disgusting bigot, but posting a photo of him with the word "f*g" emblazoned crosses the line. It's offensive, no matter what the intention was.

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | Mar 25, 2014 5:39:28 PM

  9. "It’s like a business, you build it to sell it."

    That right there is one of the attitudes that's helping to destroy the US economy.

    Posted by: Mike | Mar 25, 2014 5:43:06 PM

  10. You totally missed the Dominican Republic story. It's not that the guy & his husband met the President and his wife. It's that the Vatican ambassador tried to prevent it and the rest of the diplomatic community put the Vatican guy in his place!

    Posted by: Will | Mar 25, 2014 6:58:36 PM

  11. Regarding the Jem stuff, the problems were (at least) threefold:

    1. Not getting well-publicized approval of the original creator. Even if it wasn't common-sense, it's also just a matter of respect.
    2. Expecting Twitter and Tumblr users not to behave in a sexist way against the men leading the project.
    3. Failing to recognize that such a response, already likely to occur, was reinforced by the fact that their real life is imitating the art, with them cast as stupid or villains, like men were depicted on the show, and that this would not be good for them.

    As we know, of course men can write female characters (and vice versa). And the Jerrica/Jem character should be ideal material for a trans or gay person, particularly from that era. I hope they are able to pick up from this, and move forward with a diverse team.

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 25, 2014 8:28:33 PM

  12. As for "female-posed" Batman, bring it on. I much prefer that to the Nolan garbage.

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 25, 2014 8:33:18 PM

  13. About those enraged wingnuts... they got their way.

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 27, 2014 4:00:09 AM

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