1. Mags says


    I understand the seriousness of the play’s tone, but forgive my girl geekiness and ultimate crush on those two boys. I don’t know if I can handle them making out, and having drool-worthy Matt hold on to Mark’s luscious glorious manfur.

    Too bad JR is in there. The rest of the cast sounds great.

  2. Dback says

    I have the staged reading recording that Streisand put together back in the 90’s with Eric Bogosian, Stockard Channing, et all–it’s amazing, and Channing’s monologue from Act II is beyond shattering. However, based on “August Osage County” I’m hoping Julia Roberts keeps tapping into the grotty stuff and delivers on what that clip promises. Ruffalo, I have no doubt, will be exceptional.

  3. Thom says

    I have seen 3 live productions of The Normal Heart, and I am already tearing up just watching the trailer. This is going to be an amazing work with Ryan Murphy at the helm, and with Larry Kramer adapting his own play for television. And yeah, what a cast! I will give JR the benefit of the doubt and hope that Murphy can coax a good performance out of her.

  4. says

    I cannot wait for this. I’m so thrilled that millions of people around the world are finally going to be introduced to not just this landmark American work, but are going to be informed about the beginnings of the AIDS crisis in america – the ugliness and strength and hate and love that battled it out. It’s one of the most important works of the 20th century, and we all owe Larry Kramer a massive debt. This broadcast has the potential to change and save lives.

    CANNOT WAIT. #bawlingalready

  5. SpaceCadet says

    I was just a kid when the AIDS crisis was occurring and I never even heard of it until the 90s and I think even then HBO lead the charge with AIDS related programming so I welcome more of an insight into this era.

  6. Erko says

    I saw the play on Broadway a couple of years ago. It was one of the best pieces of theater I’ve ever seen. I really hope this version can do it justice. The trailer certainly looks promising.

  7. says

    As a native San Franciscan I’ve lost a lot of friends and associates to AIDs and I know the importance of this film but it is still very hard to take.

    BTW, I put up a new video on my YouTube channel yesterday, re: “The St. Stupid Parade”. Its a group of crazy fools in costume and naked walking down Market Street. Take a looksee:

    Other SF landmarks can be viewed on my channel here:

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