1. David says

    Convicted of accepting an illegal gratuity, obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents. Freaking moral avatar.

  2. petensfo says

    It’s really amazing that this man is a speaker anywhere…

    I hope the media gives him credit for the villainous creep he is, rather than simply, Reagan administration appointee.

  3. Curtis in Westfield says

    Oliver North is a terrorist. He belongs at the Guantanamo concentration camp. This bloodthirsty war criminal wouldn’t know “moral values” is they fell on his head.

  4. BABH says

    “strong moral values” lol

    This from Ollie North: a man who has been convicted of accepting bribes and obstruction of justice, and who only narrowly escaped punishment for committing high treason.

  5. NotSafeForWork says

    The doesn’t even make sense. Abolitionists fought to eradicate slavery. So he advocates enforcing oppression with an anti oppression analogy?

  6. Gaydude says

    “…we will cease to be a political force in America.” Yes, that’s the whole idea you has been bigot.

  7. Keith says

    Well, as Oliver North has stated, they will cease to be a political force in America. How prophetic.

  8. says

    And least we forget: Oliver North was indicted on sixteen felony counts and convicted involving the Iran-Contra affair. He is a felon who was politically pardoned by none other then our worst president, Ronald Reagan. So much for his credibility.

  9. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    If put to a vote at CPAC, I’m certain a resolution to reinstate slavery would pass. After all, it’s condoned in the Bible.

  10. Brian says

    Great speech Ollie, one who dressed in a Class A Uniform of the United States Marine Corps and lied to Congress, one who should have been dishonorably discharged for Conduct unbecoming a United States Marine and spent the rest of his useless life here in KS in a place called Fort Leavenworth.

  11. Chadd says

    Its a real stretch to equate the kidnapping, imprisonment and forced hard labor of slavery with preventing two people who love each other from getting married. He should also remember that while Lincoln was a Republican and the Democrats were on the wrong side of civil rights (thru the 60s), the parties changed lanes around the time of Nixon and his Republicans are the ancestors of those that owned slaves.

  12. Mike says

    CPAC really digs deep into the crevices of the gutter to get speakers for their bigot event, now don’t they.

  13. Richard says

    Another piece of out-of-touch white trash — this one a felon. The conservative “heroes” are getting more and more pathetic.

  14. CPT_Doom says

    America has nothing to apologize for? Seriously – the man behind the illegal guns-for-hostages plot is saying this? Has he been medically assessed for insanity, or is he saying we should totally negotiate with terrorists and pay ransom for hostages?

  15. gr8guyca says


    “Sometimes, I get the feeling that these people in America. They are sitting there, in their laboratory, and doing experiments, like on rats.”


    “Obama of treating service members like “laboratory rats in some radical social experiment.”

    C’mon. Ollie. At least credit your sources.

  16. Jack M says

    I’m not interested in hearing anything a traitor has to say. Not only that, but he obviously doesn’t see the civil rights connection in his analogy, which busts it wide open.

  17. Mags says

    Well there you have it. No ifs or buts or misanderstood-messages about it: Oliver North is the truest voice of Republicans you can find.

    With an honest to man-made god on which the fabric of conveniently oppressive values are stitched with magical weaving of flexible beliefs that are specifically suited to the glory of the white-straight-old-bigotted man-fart. You cannot get a clearer message.

    A party in the past 28 months had stated the most atrociously hateful bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic prejudiced PUBLIC statements, is willing to use an anti-oppression historicallly and politically charged movement, so it suits their purpose to oppress the American people.

    Anyone non-white-old-staight man voting Republican is just self-hating and masochist in the saddest of ways.

  18. Jonnycakes says

    Okay, all you nutters!

    Grad your muskets and head for Harper’s Ferry!

    When shall we be able to sing, “Ollie North’s body lies a moldering in the grave?”

  19. anon says

    It’s hard to believe that Ollie North, conservative star from the 1980’s, who was fired and disowned by conservative hero Ronald Reagan (in a bit of political panic over Iran-Contra) can still fill a theater when his speaking fee is at least $10k if not more. All this says to me is that the average age of the audience there must be 65+ since he’s not going to ring any bells for the youth set. The winner of the CPAC straw poll was again Rand Paul, who does have youth cred. The booking agent for CPAC must be senile.

    As far as the rhetoric goes, it’s just red meat to assuage all the resentment and spite all the older conservatives must feel having lost so much of the “culture wars” over the years. Does he believe any of it? Does he believe in anything except what serves the ends of Ollie North?

  20. says

    Dear CPAC – remember to look at that big ol’ country to the North to see how more than 20 (TWENTY) years of allowing LGB *and* T people serving openly in the military to see how it’s not an issue. At all. Dear Other Republicans – this is CPAC, this is “your people” – do you like who you stand shoulder to shoulder with?

  21. RayRay says

    Have the neo-Nazi’s & Aryan Brotherhood spoken yet?

    How does any gay man explain wanting to associate and align politically with these people?

    Republicans – CPAC
    Democrats – Jack Conway

  22. john patrick says

    Now repeat after me, Ollie: “I am a liar, a crook, a terrorist and a felon.” And keep repeating that a thousand times a day until the reality of your repulsive behavior finally sinks in. Then get off the stage permanently.

  23. Howard B says

    The more shrill the rhetoric becomes, the more obvious it is that they realize they are losing the culture wars.

  24. Bryan L says

    Attending CPAC and listening to
    Ted Cruz
    Jim Demint
    Mike Huckabee
    Wayne LaPierre
    Jenny Beth Martin
    Oliver North
    Sarah Palin
    Rand Paul
    Rick Perry
    Marco Rubio
    Paul Ryan
    Rick Santorum
    and Donald Trump
    would be like visiting Dante’s nine circles of hell.

  25. Chris L. says

    “They are deeply moral and spiritual issues and they should be a part of America’s elections.”

    Ollie, completely AGREE with the fact that these issues should be a part of our elections, especially since you’ve LOST.

    It’s no wonder that even Virginia voters sent him packing in favor of a Democrat in 1994. Oh the humanity of it all.

  26. JackFknTwist says

    It’s Friday afternoon and i’m too tired to unravel the absurd inverted illogic which suggests that fighting gay equality is the same as fighting slavery.

    And this tool was a clown in the Nineties and is still a clown but now he sounds like an angry old white dude.
    And that is what the GOP has become.

  27. says

    The difference between the GOP and the Abolitionists is the the abolitionists were on the correct side of the slavery issue and the GOP is on the wrong side of the gay equality issue.

  28. Dawson says

    Again we are allowing conservatives to define the narratives. How dare people say that gays are faithless or to imply that we are.

    Do you see how cleaver the Religious Right or Conservatives try to paint us as not having any faith because we are born gay? This is how you seperate us from others. You find issues that say we are evil or godless. This is how they define the narrative.

    We MUST REDEFINE THE NARRATIVE. Believing in faith is about LOVE NOT HATE. True religious people include everyone and love everyone. The DEVIL, so to speak are those who find others as not being equal.

    The question we could ask is would Jesus,et al love a gay person the same as a straight person?

    Or we could always as the religious right shoue we kill all the people that commit adultery as the good book says?

    How cleaver for Mr. North and others to say we are without faith. How dare them. Let’s not allow this narrative to continue.

  29. Carlie says

    People of his faith both supported and opposed slavery. The Bible itself provides guidance for treating slaves properly, if you choose to have them–so much for strong moral values.

    And, Mr. North should be in prison.

  30. Jere says

    Sorry Ollie, but the conservatives and the GOP are FAST on their way to ceasing to be a political force in America. They have kept themselves in the stone ages with the old, white haired generation that are dying off and have not evolved to embrace the youth, minorities and get on the right side of history.

  31. says

    They lost the ‘faith’ argument a long while back. More and more religions are actually moving to not only embrace equality but to speak out about their part in our oppression. The Pope is on board but doesn’t want to create a schism in Church hierarchy if he can do without. Even the Mormons are close to 50% in support now. There’s an ever expanding list of denominations that are fully participating on the side of equality. North is speaking to the captive audience of Evangelicals that is the GOP base. Echos in a bell chamber. Like their racist predecessors they’ll go to their graves believing that faith gave them the right to harm others.

    Young Republicans just released a study of young voters that basically denounces everything going on at CPAC. Racist, closed minded, homophobic, non-empathic white men of a certain age. See if Priebus finds a way to ignore/spin that one too.

  32. ToThePoint says

    They should take his advice. That way they will keep drilling holes in their ever sinking ship.

  33. Lerro DeHazel says

    You can tell that this is indeed an Infantry Regimental Commander. Having Homosexuals out on Listening Perimeters (LPs) and Observation Perimeters (OPs), with married Marines, is all totally-totally wrong. It’s just as bad having women out there. THAT is what it’s all about. LtCol North; Semper Fidelis.

  34. James Probis says

    Oh, well if a war criminal thinks I’m bad, who am I to argue with such an avatar of morality.

  35. SammySeattle says

    I don’t often go looking for moral guidance, but when I do I look for it from a convicted felon.

  36. james st. james says

    If Ollie really wanted to take the high moral road he would take Donald Trump to his barber. And do everyone a favor.

  37. calpoidog says

    Not sure the CPAC members would have been seeking an end to slavery…more like trying to morally justify the practice.

  38. Brian says

    I think the LGBT community ought to pay him to go on the road for us with speaking events where he can spout this nonsense. Every time he opens his mouth he gains us supporters.

  39. says

    Too bad for him that gays in the military doesn’t exist solely on paper, or else he could just give it to his secretary to shred and then pretend it ever happened.

  40. Bill says

    It’s really pathetic that these “religious conservatives” think “morality” is about what you do in bed with a consensual partner rather than how you treat others.