1. Leroy Laflamme says

    What a splendid gesture from a man with his heart in the right place! I wish Andrew & Nick a speedy recovery – especially mentally, & hope that they can put their horrible experience behind them for the rest of their lives. I just wanted to say that before the usual suspects come crawling by to stink up this comment box. Comments here have become so negative & poisonous over the past few months that I hardly want to contribute my thoughts anymore.

  2. AJ says

    I agree. That’s fantastic what the dentist did. I just wish ONE of these stories would turn around with one of these punks picking on the wrong gay guy. Just ONCE.

  3. steve talbert says

    It’s great Dr Cash helped out. However, the article says most of the dental work was paid for by the victims relief fund. Those are the people who should get most of the credit, pr, and thanks.

    I don’t thank the hotel for providing the space for a charity function. They are paid for that. Same with florist and printer…unless its pro bono.

  4. says

    Just to let you know: Cleo Bay, the Honda dealer that employs Lambert Borgardt as a salesman, lists email addresses for all staff but have conveniently suspended those email addresses according to the gateway that serves Cleo Bay. Probably because of the overwhelming number of email complaints. As far as I know their phone number still works should you wish to tell them how you feel about their employment of Mr. Borgardt. 888-703-8910

  5. BlahBlahBlah says

    Steve Talbert, the fact that the dentist did anything for free is admirable. Of course someone has to burst the bubble so it might as well be you.

  6. scooternva says

    @LEROY LAFLAMME: Hey, so far so good! Proud of the people in my adopted hometown of Austin who helped Andrew and Nick out–especially Dr. Cash.

    As for Lambert Borgardt.

    I tried calling Cleo Bay Honda just now and as soon as I told the woman (receptionist?) who answered my call why I was calling, she quickly said “We are not taking calls on this issue at this time” and hung up on me!

    Methinks maybe it’s time to start dinging *their* Facebook page:

  7. emjayay says

    The dentist said he worked for free, so I assume he did. Maybe his colleague the oral surgeon also. The implants themselves would cost thousands and that’s probably what the foundation paid although of course the TV and TR reports are not clear on all of that.

    Andrew also went through a LOT with the oral surgery and dentistry on top of the attack. I’m very glad he didn’t have to pay besides.

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