1. SpaceCadet says

    The song production was pretty good but sorry, I just couldn’t get into the (auto-tuned) vocals. And what was with the shot at the end of the video where both guys are suddenly all dressed up and staring at the camera (us). It was a bit jarring with that shift.

  2. Howard B says

    How refreshing to see a video of an inter-racial gay couple. This kind of pairing is rarely reflected in entertainment or advertising but it seems to be changing slowly.

    A little off topic, but good on Looking for letting Patrick have a clearly ethnic looking Mexican boyfriend, and not one of those upscale light skinned “Hispanics” like Augustine. I hope they explore the cultural differences in a real and honest way, and that we see more reality based pairings on this show.

  3. UFFDA says

    It doesn’t matter one bit what color you like or are. But you might check with some of the legion black dudes who want a white woman as I’m sure it secretely embarrasses them.

  4. Marky says

    Do black guy men like each other at all?It seems it the media that all want a boyfriend who is other

  5. redball says

    Marky, not sure if you’re trolling, but I’m in a two-black-male relationship and so are MANY others such as this couple that was in the news several weeks ago: www facebook com / pages/Kordale-N-KALEB/423735251057271.

  6. Marky says

    I’m just asking because it seems like all the the out famous people date white people.Can you name a out famous gay person that has a black partner?

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Can you name a out famous gay person that has a black partner?”

    Well, Marky the key words in your question were “famous” and “out”. Maybe it’s been more difficult for Black celebrities and athletes to be famous and out.

    Tell you the truth, I can’t really fantasize about any of them…not even that boy that does all those exercise videos…Shaun something or other. You can have him

  8. Canny says

    Sigh, all this talk about race troubles me. Race is a social contract. It’s designed to categorize people. If the light skinned man was 2 shades darker, he would be categorized as black…Whatever the video was alright, I’d listen to it cooking dinner 😛

  9. tristram says

    Nice job with the song! Plus I hate to be so superficial, but if Matt wants to look about 400% better in one go, then he should consider a chin implant. Not being ‘shady’, just trying to assist. Trust and believe.

  10. Wood says

    Awesome video! I totally agree with the awesomeness of a biracial couple.

    The song is really great too!

  11. roger says

    This song will never get played on mainstream radio. Radio is very homophobic. Liberal females resent male homosexuality.

  12. Mario L. says


    Totally feelin’ this beat. Vocally reminds me of Usher, but I like Matt Palmer’s flow better.. especially at the breakdown. If I heard it on the radio, I’d think it was Ursher.

    Sexy beat + sexy gentlemen = I’m eager to see what comes next.

  13. BERNARD says

    Nice job with the song! Plus I hate to be so superficial, but if TRISTRAM wants to look about 400% better in one go, then he should consider a personality implant. Not being ‘shady’, just trying to assist. Trust and believe.

  14. SpaceCadet says

    Uh Roger (women-hater), I live in a big city and the radio plays Adam Lambert. Last I checked, he was still an out gay man.

  15. emjayay says

    How did Tristram and Bernard get to be the same commenter? Oh, that’s right, TR (which I love) has the worst most outdated commenting system on the entire internet.

    But I’ll take the bait. Seriously, I’ve never been accused of being at all superficial. There is nothing objectively wrong with how any human looks. It’s just visual convention.

    But braces on your teeth, a little nose reduction in some cases if you can afford it, OK, do it. And a chin implant is a very simple procedure. A very receding chin makes a person look weak and indecisive and not that bright. Unfair but true.

    I see people on the subway, particularly sometimes black people, whose life would be changed with an implant and guess what, if you change your hairstyle or grow a goatee when you have it done no one will even notice and if they do they will forget about it.

    That being said, this guy is within the normal range and looks fine.

  16. Colton says

    A gay singer who wrote an interesting song and isn’t just trying to appease the gays by being hyper masculine and flashing his abs? And an R&B gay singer on top of that?? Awesome!!

  17. Frank says

    As, much as I’d love to have another out black black singer to show support for, I just can’t with this guy. His voice doesn’t do it for me and even if he did, I’m not really feeling this song in general. I’ll stick to Frank Ocean. That boys got talent. Exhibit A.


    Redball I don’t see that as trolling at all that is a legitimate question. Every famous out Black gay person partner is ‘other’ and we all understand to each their own it still looks odd. And gives a since that Black Men can’t be open out and love one another.

  19. Colton says

    I don’t think you can lump this guy together with Frank Ocean. They have different styles. This song is more traditional R&B/Pop.

  20. IntoIt says

    I’m just so pleased with how casual this all is. It doesn’t scream GAY-GLITTER-GAY-THUMP-THUMP-DRAG. It’s just a man singing a love song to another man. I’m really excited about this Matt guy. Maybe he and that country singer can do a cross-over?

  21. Marco P says

    Talented vocals, I didn’t get bothered by the auto tune too much as it was light. LOVED the interracial story line!

  22. MALAYA says

    Nice R&B, Sexy guys who seem real, amazing vocals, what more can a girl want?

  23. Tristram says

    @BERNARD. Personality advice from someone whose original choice of comment for the video was ‘Asian hunk, woof!’. I think I’ll pass. Woof.

  24. Tristram says

    Also @BERNARD, and not to labour the point but you said ‘Asian hunk, woof!’ Not ‘black hunk, woof’. Now check which one has the strong masculine chin, you know, the facial feature your superficial personality subconsciously picked up on when you assessed him as a ‘hunk’. There, I’m done with you now.