1. Bart says

    I wasn’t aware that a business had a faith. Do they also fall in love? Do they get hungry? Are they sleepy sometimes?

    Hmmm…I wonder if IBM secretly has a crush on Xerox.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    There are many people who hold that being “true to their faith” means refusing services to women. Or blacks. Or Jews. Or Muslims. Or, for that matter, Christians.

    Is Paul saying that we must accommodate everyone? Or is he saying that Christian bigots and womb-controllers should be given special rights that are denied to everyone else?

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    @Miss Kwon – “Why do these businesses hate women so much?”

    Because they are being true to their religious faith, and their religion is extremely anti-woman.

  4. simon says

    Not so fast. I am not sure the Pope has expressed any view on this issue. Why he is speaking for the Pope before he himself finds out what the Pope thinks.
    It is also beside the point. Why should an US president consults a religious leader about anything? It is not Iran.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    The President of the United States of America is not required to explain ANYTHING to the pope or to any other religious leader. Once again, Rand Paul demonstrates his shocking lack of knowledge concerning the US Constitution and laws. The man is an absolute menace and not qualified to hole elected office.

  6. says

    Rand Paul should tell the American people why he, Rand Paul, is always lying to them.

    there’s nothing about religious freedoms at stake here. only people trying to force others to live by their narrow religious views.

    Rand Paul is a liar.

  7. ozu says

    Why isn’t anyone calling out these wingnuts on the fact that they are out and out lying about the Hobby Lobby case. Health insurance is mandated for people, but businesses are under no obligation to offer insurance to their employees.

    Hobby Lobby could end health insurance coverage for their employees, distribute the funds they would have used for insurance to their employees and let them buy their own. But of course this doesn’t fit with the Christian victim status they so love to play up.

  8. sam says

    And SCOTUS can very likely rule in the favor of Hobby Lobby, changing life as we know it. God should have more important things to do than be involved in capitalism, maybe that is why there is so much strife in the world.

  9. Kakapo says

    What is going on with that crazy makeup? I keep seeing that weird makeup that looks like someone sat in a tanning bed with something covering their eyes.

  10. gb says

    This man needs to study the history of Popes and how at one time they allowed for the poor to buy their way into heaven. The Pope is nothing but a man like you and I.

  11. disgusted american says

    as someone with 4 sisters, Birth control does not kill fetus’ .. the rightwing idiots need to LEARN BIOLOGY instead of Rightwing talking points….Birth control regulates women’s periods as well as keeping them From getting pregnant in the 1st place…it also helps women with Endometriosis,and other ailments…..when a man can push a baby out of his ass..then he can have a say, til then they need to STFU!

  12. Rich says

    Aside from the fact that a decision in favor of Hobby Lobby would be a terrible precedent, I wasn’t aware that the President of the United States reported to the pope. When did we become a 100% Catholic nation ruled from the Vatican?

  13. woodroad34 says

    F*ck Rand Paul and his superstition. Obama doesn’t need to explain anything to the voodoo priest. Businesses aren’t sentient beings; but they are beholding to public accommodation laws. Obey the law or go out of business.

  14. Sean says

    The President of the Unites States (nor any elected official) does not answer to the Pope. The President and every elected official answers to the people which includes Pagans, Atheists, and all versions of “Christian” including pro-choice Christians. Nobody is saying business owners cannot adhere to their personal religion. They are not allowed to impose their religious beliefs and definitions on their employees or customers forcing, demanding or requiring them to adhere to the business owner’s religious beliefs and definitions because that would be a violation of the employe and customer’s 1st and 14th amendment rights. The Pop is not an American citizen, he is not an elected official by the American people, and he is does not pay taxes to the American government. Lastly, the establishment clause of the 1st amendment prohibits law be based on any specific religion, as well as religious beliefs and definitions. Your religion applies to you ann you only. The second you use your religion to control MY life including MY healthcare and interfere in MY life you have violated my constitutional rights and federal American SECULAR law.

  15. simon says

    I am still amazed by those courageous words spoken by Lincoln in reply to a religious group in Chicago at a time when the churches were much more powerful than today. It is like this:
    “These are not, however, the days of miracles, and I suppose it will be granted that I am not to expect a direct revelation. I must study the plain physical facts of the case, ascertain what is possible, and learn what appears to be wise and right.”
    He was a Republican and a true leader. He will turn in his grave if he were able to see the sorry state of the party today.

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