Poll Finds Americans View Gays More Favorably Than Evangelical Christians


A new bipartisan study commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign and Americans for Marriage Equality found that 53 percent of Americans view gay people favorably, while only 42 percent of Americans view Evangelical Christians favorably. Gays do better on the other end of the spectrum as well, with just 18 percent of respondents viewing gays unfavorably compared to 28 percent for Evangelical Christians.

The survey of 1000 likely 2016 voters was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and TargetPoint Consulting. Among the survey’s other main findings:

• There has been a huge shift toward social equality, with favorability ratings for “gay and lesbian” people increasing and the number of people who knows a gay or lesbian person  reaching 75 percent.  Even in football, the crucible of American culture, voters (79%-16%) judge a player by his ability, not his orientation.

• A 55 percent majority support marriage equality. While young people are at the vanguard of change, this survey also shows increased support among older voters, Catholics, non-college educated voters, and Republicans. 

• Rather than uniform opposition, marriage equality now splits the political right, with younger conservatives disagreeing with older conservatives. 40 percent of conservatives age 18-29 support gay marriage, compared to only 21 percent aged 50+

• Regardless of position on the issue, nearly 8 in 10 voters believe there will be less discrimination, it will be easier to grow up gay, and same-sex families would have more protection if marriage equality were legal in all 50 states.  

A presentation of the poll's findings is available at the GQR site HERE.  


  1. danswon says

    Evangelical Christians are indeed scum.
    But 53 percent of Americans view gay people favorably? So almost half the population is homophobic? That’s really bad news.

  2. GregV says

    For comparison’s sake, I would be interested for such surveys to ask about more long-accepted groups. Do respondents view heterosexuals, redheads, white people “favorably” or “unfavorably?” Maybe some respondents just don’t like anybody.

  3. Neil says

    @danswon, no, only 18% are homophobic. There’s another 29% not mentioned here who really don’t care one way or the other whether you’re gay or not.

  4. wheelie81 says

    This poll is a major fail. First of all, a poll conducted by the HRC and Americans for Marriage Equality is not going to be “bipartisan”. Secondly, they only surveyed 1,000 people, which is a small sample size. Thirdly, they say these 1,000 people are “likely 2016 voters”. Well, what makes them likely? And why only people ‘likely’ to vote in 2016. So, to say this is unrepresentative of the entire population is a huge understatement.

  5. Anthony says

    As gays let us set the example to love and forgive. We don’t have to approve evangelicals’ stand against homosexuality of course, but maybe we can find something positive about them.

  6. simon says

    They should also include that fat axx Timmy Dolan in the poll. That will take him down a notch instead of letting him spilling his nonsense on TV.

  7. simon says

    The ideal situation would be for Gallup to do it. But we all know they won’t do it because they are afraid to “offend” religion.
    Its purpose may be just a political move to get back at those evangelicals or a slap in their face if you like.

  8. Bill says

    @emjayay : not only does he not understand statistics, but he doesn’t even understand that Gallup is a business that, like all businesses, tries to bring in more than it spends.

  9. Robotron says

    Amen. Evoultion by sane,cleared thinking Americans. Not the evangelical nut cases. And when the Mormons rang by door bell I answered nude and fresh out of the shower. For some reason they never came back. Of course,years later I lived near 6 of ’em sharing a 2 bedroom apt. And they played tennis in front of my place: I would sit on the upper balcony with no shirt ,drinking wine and binoculars. The 2 cute ones were so friendly and nervous. The fantasy porn I wrote in my mind was sizzling: ‘Mormon Frat Boy Jocks Do Each Other’…

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