1. Lucas says

    These videos are the pinnacle of STUPID. It’s like a modern-day “bait bus.” OMG that guy liked another guy’s ass! What are we, 12? Dumb dumb dumb

  2. Sergio says

    That made me laugh. Straight guys love ass – all the gay Arabs and brothas out there better be careful!

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I should know better than this, but I can’t stop wondering, “Deceive them into what?” Thinking that they’re women? Toward what goal? Only to show them that they’re not?

    This is such a surreal comment.

  4. Zell says

    I find it laughable that anyone would say that this guy’s first video was a “comment” on anything, except perhaps a comment on the fact that Youseff Erakat has a nice butt. This guy is just a self-promoting exhibitionist. And telling guys that they aren’t allowed to look at a person they find attractive who is wearing skin-tight pants is stupid. “Oh, you’re actually a dude? You sure showed me. I will never look appreciatively at another woman!”

  5. Sergio says

    I think the prankster is straight, though. In the first installment, one of the guys seems genuinely intrigued, saying he has a nice ass. With nowhere else for it to go (the other guy was actively interested), the video cuts to another ‘prankee’.

  6. SpunkyBunks says

    This jackass is at it again? I hope he gets his flat ass kicked for being a jerk.

  7. Mark says

    I hope that no men ever find this woman’s butt appealing again. Would that solve her problem? Not sure how bringing out the gender police ever makes the world a better place.

  8. Håkon says

    Bad move, Towleroad. Bring in a vapid Aryan vlogger – that Mark E. Miller immediately comes to mind – and the Towleroad ancients will float him up to heaven on a stream of their saliva.

  9. Dave says

    Funny! Thanks Towleroad. And the prankster was straight, or at least very afraid of letting some of those willing victims touch his ass. And BTW – no one’s sexual orientation was on the line here, so calm down about “lessons” and such.

  10. anon says

    I think he looks like a man from behind. They could have easily edited out the ones that weren’t fooled.

  11. Zoltan says

    An obnoxious, squealing queen, yes. But I actually got a kick out of this. Against popular opinion, I actually observed this exercise as a means of testing how ready and insistent the “tricks” are in displaying their supposed masculinity, even to the point of forfeiting the opportunity to properly examine the “true” context. They’re all fine (and interested) until they discover it’s a man, and then suddenly their preconceptions backfire on them. Sort of like falling in love with someone in an internet chatroom, only to discover their real identity upon personal encounter. My two cents.

  12. mikep says

    I don’t understand. If you don’t want anyone staring at your butt, don’t wear tight yoga pants. Work out in loose joggers and then no one will stare.

  13. Ryan says

    I don’t understand how it’s a commentary on the “unwanted male gaze” when the friend is actively soliciting men to look at them. It’s just dumb.