1. UFFDA says

    Adorable? Just try living with a guy like this and his stupid ideas. He’d be fun for a while but if you wanted a life of your own you’d have to leave him behind. That wife of his is going to walk out and he’ll never know why.

  2. AriesMatt says

    He totally looks like Dash Mihouk’s beefier, younger and hotter brother. Woof! That girly scream in the end almost ruined it for me, but i’d still hit it many times…

  3. Tatts says

    He doesn’t even act cold through the whole thing (until he gets in the water)! He’s outside on a cloudy day on a frozen lake with just shorts on!

    What the hell is wrong with him? I’m cold just sitting here watching it!

    Of course, I’m glad he did it with just shorts on, but still…;-)

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