1. guido says

    Is Andy Towle continuing to demonstrate his contempt for the genuine GLBT commumity by promoting fake lesbianism to gay men? Time to hang up the keyboard, Towle.

  2. Karst says

    Why don’t you start your own blogs, Roger & Guido?

    I enjoyed the way it was filmed, lit and edited. And quite surprised the Kylie would go that far. It has humour in it.

    Yes, it might be meant to boost sales and profile, but it also great fun.

  3. tranquilo says

    Not a fan of Kylie, but if the above posters don’t understand the “relevance” of her to a huge portion of gay men, they’ve been living under a rock.


  4. antony says

    roger and guido its a video and is done quite tastefully. Kylie has been in the business for more than many artists of these days, if you have such a closed minded negativity to her you may want to look at your own lives and ask why would i make a comment like that

  5. brando says

    Huge Kylie fan and I had no clue she was dropping a video for this song! Thanks Andy. I loved it and cant wait to see her do this on tour w/ her hot male dancers. Shame radio wont play the song b/c ‘sex’ is in the title. Hopefully “Million Miles” gets a video too.

  6. Don says

    If you are of a certain age, this video will remind you of Cher and Sheena Easton huffing and puffing on high heels. Remember those commercials?

  7. Gregoire says

    The video was good, but Kylie’s getting boring. Her new album is fairly weak. It’s almost as though she saw a stack of songs and said, “Just give me anything with SEX in the title and I’ll record it!”

    She doesn’t really grow as an artist, producing the same tinny (but occasionally fun) dance sound for about four albums straight now.

    The most unique song on the album is the one where she is autotuned almost out of existence (“Beautiful”)

    She’s certainly owning her public sexuality more convincingly than Madonna, but this constant repetition is wearing thin.

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