1. unruly says

    I can’t believe after all the times things like this have happened (whether intoxicated or old people), they didn’t put up better barricades. In Santa Monica, now, they use heavy duty concrete barricades to block the streets off during festivals and farmers markets (after the massive incident a few years back.) Mostly concrete K-Rails that the highway department uses anyway to aid in highway construction so it isn’t even an added cost.

    It’s true for all of LA too.

  2. Daniel` says

    Unruly, they had barricades. Austin has been hosting festivals for decades downtown. Red River is a fire lane – they had cleared the street shortly before for that exact reason.

    This was an intentional act. He almost hit a uniformed police officer at the barricades. If someone is determined to do wrong, they will.

  3. Jerry says

    It’s two counts of capital murder at this point. There are other charges, but those are the top two.

    Also, KXAN just ran a piece with a Towleroad writer currently in Austin who was uncomfortably close to the incident.

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