1. Merv says

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I found the “Sorry for your loss” sign a little repulsive, like they’re saying “look at me, I’m morally superior.” Ugh.

  2. Tim says

    Wow… isn’t almost anyone morally superior to the WBC? But, I think the counter protesters were just trying to react in a forgiving, positive way to the WBC hate and negativity.

  3. Bernie says

    this is a fantastic response to someone who was so mean and disrespectful to others….this does show gay people rising above the fray…..and I just love one of the Westboro members feigning ignorance to the counter protesters, which speaks volumes about Westboro members

  4. skeeze says

    what if everyone simply walked by this trash and ignored it? why anyone would think they deserve something nice to look at is beyond me. These people got into a position of power it would be genocide for our people.

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