1. Derrick from Philly says

    So, what’s sexier in the first picture? His pecs or the inside of his notrils? I can’t decide. I’m all into kink nowadays.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    Wasn’t Christopher Columbus that guy that massacred all those Native Americans in 1492?

    Oh, and nice pecs.

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    What the hell is notril? Maybe it’s what you dig out of your nostrils.

  4. jcmiles says

    Are you sure that is his brother???? He does not look like he would be his brother. They look nothing alike. I’m not saying he not,I just don’t know.

  5. rebarb says

    I can’t believe some of the bitchy comments from you guys. The man is seriously handsome and talented & you can’t wait to try and tear him down. Seriously, bitter much?

  6. Beezer says

    Yes, I’m sure that is his brother. His brother is often in his photos on Instagram. I understand it is difficult to get beyond the nipples, but the caption for that photo on Instagram says it is his brother.

    MaryM, you’re always such a treat. Try not to push any small children down any stairs while out murdering puppies today.

  7. SeattleMike says

    I think he has TONS of screen presence. He was impossible NOT to watch when he was in Teen Wolf, regardless of who was in the scene with him.

  8. Beezer says

    I’m curious where there is evidence he is a homophobe? I’m not even sure he is in the closet. Just because he isn’t going down on you or telling you who he is going down on doesn’t mean he is in the closet.

  9. litper says

    His closet is the evidence he is a homophobe. To the point he forces everyone to take down the pics of him and his ex.

  10. Ryan says

    He’s certainly handsome and seems like a likable guy, but the last episode of Arrow clinched it for me — he has absolutely no talent for acting.

    Personally, I’m hoping Arrow moves on without him and doubles down on The Canary and Diggle.

    [Spoiler alert]

    And I’m hoping they bring back Arrow’s mother from the dead… because she was an awesome part of the show.

  11. AmericanDreamer says

    Colton’s career is going noplace.

    He will be barbacking and barebacking at a run down leather bar in West Hollyweird before the end of next year.

  12. litper says

    @AMERICANDREAMER I hope his career ends soon so he will have to come out to get any publicity

  13. says

    I really, really wish Colton (and all the others who do the same thing) would realize that natural is hot and shaved is not.

  14. Andrew Nelson says

    sorry, don’t see anything extra special or sexy about those nipples. hoisted aloft by larger than average pecs, maybe? But the nipples – just average.

  15. Sam says

    The majority of above comments have dismally failed! Colton’s character in Arrow’s new season has risen to superhero status with full-costume and all…thanks to creator Greg Berlanti Featured with Colton is his out gay brother whose seen in Colton’s numerous Instagram postings. Finally, Colton appears in many fashion campaigns and is way too busy to be Instagramed with other close male companions or at gay venues (bare nipples not withstanding).

  16. rebarb says

    Man those things can cut glass! He’s not only hot..he can act. I saw him in a production of ” Long Days Journey Into Night”.. I was seriously impressed. I just hope he’s able to get the kind of roles that will help him break out of angry teen/ pretty boy land.