1. Jay says

    “Eastern Europeans are taking offense”

    The more reason for Conchita to stay in the competition. Those eastern Europeans need to broaden their horizons.

  2. Chris K says

    Whenever there’s some sort of scandal or sensationalism around an Eurovision contender, it automatically means that they do exceptionally well in the competition. So this petition only forebodes a win for Conchita.

  3. Shaun says

    Towleroad, would you please consider a trigger warning when running photos of fugly, bearded drag queens. People with delicate stomachs need to have advance warning.

  4. Brian W. says

    Well if this is considered a serious competition with high integrity, I can understand people being offended by a contestant who looks like “it” belongs in a carnival side show.

    Does anyone in the U.S. give a damn about the Eurovision Song Contest? I can’t think of anything more irrelevant.

  5. lukebrux says

    There was the same “petition” for Dana International, and she won. Eurovision song contest is the gayest song competition in the world. Often during the show the camera close on rainbow flags in the audience. It’s almost a gay show.

  6. Lymis says

    “People with delicate stomachs need to have advance warning.”

    Very true. So, here’s a one-time fits all trigger warning for you: The world is full of people who have no obligation to live their lives in order to make sure you are comfortable.

    You are warned. If your stomach is that delicate, carry a bucket with you everywhere.

    There. now you have advance warning.

  7. steve talbert says

    Love the name.

    Does it actually translate in German to be Conchita Sausage.? Or is Conchita slang for pussy and it’s Miss Pussy Cock?

    Or do enough of the intended audience know English so its a play on worst.?

    Maybe a name is just a name.

  8. Sid says

    I know her personally and she’s not only amazingly talented but also one of the nicest and most down to earth people in show biz. I hope she wins!

  9. Merv says

    The description says “drag queen,” so I’m assuming he identifies as male in real life. I find his face very attractive. I usually don’t go for beards, but make an exception if they’re soft-looking. His looks like it’s very soft.

  10. Just_a_guy says

    Way sexier than any drag queen I’ve seen. I’m so tired of drags going all out. This took way more hootspa. Plus she looks good with the beard. I like the f y’all she gives to people with all their xyz expectations. Most drag queens don’t do that, and they’re boring. H&ell, maybe I’d sorta turn for that, haha??

  11. bandanajack says

    i’m 70 and grew up in very homophobic and trans phobic/effiminiphobic times. i’ve never been one to enjoy drag performances in gay bars, especially because so many drag performers in my experience have had very little talent.
    THAT SAID… i have seen some brilliant drag performers (who may or may not have been transgender)whom i thoroughly appreciated. on a personal level i have learned to appreciate drag as a political statement, although that does not increase my enjoyment of it as entertainment. i would rather walk down the avenue with someone in drag than watch them do marilyn monroe impersonations to a track of happy birthday.
    my generation had some growing up to do, and by and large we did it, or wound up cranky old queers.
    AND NOW along comes conchita, and fortunately youtube, because in seeing first this highly produced video, which is itself striking, i did some video homework and found a thoroughly grounded, hard working, and politically aware performer. so, i say to her and to her detractors, you go girl! ESPECIALLY at the eurovision supercamp venue, which unfortunately has had a few seasons in those homophobic eastern european countries which spoiled the joyous flavor of the whole outing. BTW, plenty of americans watch video of the eurovision performances with delight for its cheesy goodness. they are ABBAlicious!

    i’m rooting for conchita, as i did for dana before her.

  12. Marlon Manroe says

    Wait, a pop-star is an attention whore and “belongs in a freakshow?” Gasp! How strange!

    Puhh-lease. I hope she does really well just to offend those who are clutching their pearls.

  13. orwoodsman says

    I don’t think of him as a drag queen. Not sure what it is, but he comes across as a really attractive man with a great voice and performance talent. Is that his real hair or a wig? I’m thinking it’s a wig. I hope he does well in the competition.

  14. Scott says

    I’m fairly sure if they refuse to broadcast the competition, they can’t participate. That’s why Lebanon no longer joins in because they aren’t allowed to show Israeli contestants. With Lebanon as a template, it seems any countries which refuse to show another country’s entry would probably face a three-year ban from the competition. And while that may not seem bad to the British who ridicule the contest, in Eastern Europe, people genuinely love and care about it.

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