1. The Milkman says

    You know, this is one of those incidents that highlight for me the practical benefit of that old-school institution, the bathhouse. There are lots of people who like recreational sex, and hookup apps like Grindr have made it super easy to meet random people who like the same thing. But inviting them into your apartment or hotel room makes you rather vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. Bathhouses, while they have their own risks, are at least a place where a person can go and get their freak on without having to worry about being kidnapped and raped. Just a thought.

  2. Rick says

    I find it so odd that police and news reports rarely include race when giving descriptions of dangerous people. There’s such a fear of offending people or seeming racist and omitting pertinent info about someone that poses an actual danger to others.

  3. Becky the Third says


    A lot of people don’t appear to be of any one race, a word that is insulting and should die already.

  4. Becky the Third says


    A lot of people don’t appear to be of any one race, a word that is insulting and should die already.

  5. Rick says

    But you’re okay with saying someone has “wavy hair”, which in Philly means someone is “black” but without saying black.

  6. David in NYC says

    I look forward to seeing the comments from the liars or prudes who are going tsk tsk this dude and everyone else who uses Grindr to meet men

  7. Kim says

    Having wavy hair= Black WTF
    I am Black and have never said a Black guy has “wavy” hair.Where are all these Black guys with “wavy” hair? This guy having wavy hair is an anomaly not the norm so maybe thats why it was mentioned.The reason they don’t just mention race is because its not specific enough.Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes are both Black males in their fifties but they look nothing alike.So just mentioning race is pointless especially when Black males are racially profiled

  8. Oy Vey says

    @Kim, let’s be honest. If you say the man is black, and you have a room with Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Jet Li, and Vin Diesel, then you can at least START to eliminate obviously wrong suspects. It’s called using your eyes and being a reasonable person.

  9. Michael says

    If he met him on Grindr, why don’t the police just track the rapist’s account? Hopefully others will come out and and report about being assaulted by this guy as well.

    C’mon guys, if you’re gonna hook up in a strange city ask for the drivers license and read the guy’s name, address and dob and send this info in an email to yourself. If he doesn’t comply, buh-bye. Even better meet someone in person in a public place.

  10. Barley says

    You don’t need to talk about this suspect’s skin color when *DUH* there are video images of him.

    Also, remind me again how many people have falsely told police a “black” man had victimized them?

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “This is what happens when you hook up with black guys on grindr”

    Yeah, Mike, and with the White ones you end up dead.

  12. Patrick says

    Ummm: let’s see…. Meet a guy on fill in the name of the app, invite him to youur place/hotel room/apt/hoem,get raped/robbed @ gunpoint..Not a smart idea..@ Michael’s suggestion: if the guy won’t forward his PII, then forget him.No matter how horny you are… It’s not worth it. Here’s a simple tip: meet him in a neutral place BEFORE your hormones have overtaken your critical thinking sphere of your brain..Or the Milkman’s idea works too: the bathhouse..Anything happens there you have a bunch of hopefully butch men who can kick the offenders ass right into the waiting police car!! If not j/o!!!

  13. anon says

    This has little to do with Grindr. You could end up robbed by someone you met at a bar too. The difference is that Grindr makes the crime more efficient for the perp. However, it also means there’s a photo of you and location tracking.

  14. Will says

    I feel bad for the victim but we should acknowledge his corruptibility in this event. He shouldn’t be sleeping around and meeting random guys online. If you do these risky actions then don’t be surprised when something like this happens or when you come down with a life-threatening STD.

    Again, I feel very bad for the victim and the attacker should be fully prosecuted but the victim should have been smarter and respect himself enough to not take dangerous risks for sex.

    I’ve always liked applying the views of the German philosopher Kant when it comes to promiscuity. Before you hookup with someone, ask yourself if your action respects the goals of human beings rather than merely using them for your own purpose? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t preform the action. Hooking up with someone on Grindr is merely using another human for your own selfish pleasure.

  15. Derrick from Phiily says

    @ “How many times has this happened and it is not reported ?”

    You’re right, HA!….much more than we…I mean, most know. We tend (the older generation) to blame ourselves–even if it’s simple Gay-bashing with NO sex involved. We blame ourselves.

    Hopefully, the younger generations will stop that self-deprecating sh.t.

  16. 604Brian says

    It’s all about the risk benefit ratio. Some guys get off on just the risk of meeting someone anonymously.

  17. Jimmi says

    Welcome to Philly. Crusing Grindr and CL in this city is a bad idea. More tourists get robbed this way. Usually happens to married guys a lot who never report this.

  18. Rick says

    BARFLEY, Is there always video in every assault? Or, in the assaults that you participate in, is there always video evidence? Also, I don’t know how many white guys lie about the perp being black, so tell us? Fill us all in on your statics that you’ve access to?

  19. Derrick from Phiily says

    @ “Also, I don’t know how many white guys lie about the perp being black, so tell us? Fill us all in on your statics that you’ve access to?”

    No, we just steal your car with your children in it. There’s nothing a Black man loves more than stealing little blond haired/blue eyed children….and the car, of course.

  20. Michael says

    Couldn’t care less about someone who gets mugged trolling for anonymous sex. The police should not even respond to such crimes unless they involve a homicide. People who use Grindr and similar apps over the long term are damaging themselves – emotionally, psychologically and physically. They are making some venture capitalists rich while they damage themselves and other gay people. Let them get mugged.

  21. steve says

    drugs…that guy he met was a drug addict I bet…and I agree with what Milkman said about meeting guys at bathhouses – can feel a lot safer than Grindr

  22. Lucas H says

    newsflash: not everyone you meet on dating sites is a well-balanced human being. be safe people!

  23. Kim says

    @ Oy vey saying the man is Black with no other descriptions can result with “Denzel” going to jail for “Wesleys” crime is my point.

  24. Ulu says

    Wow, Michael. Such hatred. I hope you choke on your own stifling, puritanical heteronormativity.

  25. BRAINS says



  26. jarago says

    What sort of idiot invites a complete stranger to their house?! I mean I know horny men do not think straight but let’s use some common sense folks.

  27. says

    curious – to everyone basically saying “it’s his own fault”..for, uh, “using Grindr”…..

    um….how do y’all feel about the late Laci Peterson? she was murdered by, you know, her husband and father of her unborn child.

    should she have known better than to marry the man who would one day murder her?

  28. Donny says

    I don’t hook up with black guys on Grindr but as a white man, I do slow my roll way down when crossing in front of black drivers.