Gypsy Vered Meltzer is Wisconsin’s First Openly Trans Elected Official After Winning Council Race

Gypsy Vered Meltzer was elected to the Appleton City Council on Tuesday, making him Wisconsin's first openly trans elected official, the Post-Crescent reports:

MeltzerMeltzer identifies as a man and said his dreadlocks, 50-plus tattoos and gender identity are worth celebrating. But he says he’s ready to serve his constituents.

“I’m focused on the issues rather than myself and look forward to the day when this isn’t as interesting of a topic.

“It’s important to get more young people involved in politics. As someone who’s part of various subcultures, I want to show everyone that the door’s open, come on in and be part of local government.”

Fair Wisconsin applauded Meltzer's win:

“This election is an historic moment for Wisconsin in having the first openly transgender official,” said Katie Belanger, the group’s president. “I’d hope we’d see an increase in the number of elected officials from the transgender community across the state.”

Local and state advocacy groups cheered the election results.

The election was important for the often marginalized group, said Loree Cook-Daniels, policy and programdirector at FORGE, a Milwaukee-based transgender advocacy group.


  1. MaryM says

    Is he gay or bi?

    If not then why would this be of any huge interest to LGB people.

    When is Towleroad going to have articles about how it is time to separate the T from the LGB.

    I wish the T well on THEIR journey.

  2. Thedrdonna says

    MaryM, Towleroad’s content has never been guaranteed to be exclusively about LGB issues. I notice you don’t pop up on other articles that would be considered tangential, at best, to LGB issues, so I’m forced to assume that you feel some special need to attack trans inclusiveness specifically.

  3. Tyler says

    TheDrDonna, MaryM (aka Rick) hates women, and any and all things to do with women. He loves men and masculinity so much that feminine individuals (feminine men and Trans men especially) are the biggest targets for his hate speech. He’s a troll with severe mental problems.

  4. William says

    This “transman” looks like a woman and dresses like a street artist. How could this thing get elected to a city council? Well, it is a city council election in April. Turnout was probably in the range of 6%. If the tranny could get half of that – or 3% – that’s enough for a win. This is the way a host of weirdos and white supremacists get elected – in very low turnout elections held long before November.

    Now we wait to see whether this “transman” has a dysfunctional and/or criminal past. Trannies are extremely unstable, antisocial people, and are disproportionately involved in crime. Whether this creature from WI was involved with crime IDK, but something unsavory likely will come out. It is just a matter of what and when.

    The very first time that a tranny got elected to a state legislature – in NH in 2012 – the tranny was promptly exposed as having participated in numerous crimes. The tranny had no shame and wanted to take office anyway, but public pressure forced it to resign before taking office. This, at least, saved the taxpayers the cost of fumigating the office.

  5. Christopher says

    So his first name is Gypsy, right? On first reading it seems like a slur against someone of Romany culture. You easily could have re-framed the first sentence and headline to avoid confusion.

    PS, you really could use a copy editor in general.

  6. ScottCA says

    By far the worst aspect of Towleroad is being subjected to the hate speach spewed forth by Marym , William, and their ilk. How sad and insecure they must be.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Turnout was probably in the range of 6%. If the tranny could get half of that – or 3% – that’s enough for a win. This is the way a host of weirdos and white supremacists get elected”

    Yep, and RICK (marym & william) we know who you’d have voted for as you went to the polls wearing your white hood and sheet.

    I was trying not to post a comment today, but the devil (AKA Rick) made me do it.

    Kiwi, now, has joined the ranks of Towleroad regulars who say to just ignore Rick. I’m trying Little Kiwi…I’m trying.

  8. William says

    Sorry to disappoint you, Derrick, but I am not Rick and I don’t think I have ever actually seen a post by this mythical satanic figure that seems to obsess you and others. AFAIK, the only person on here who is a known sock puppet is Kiwi himself. Kiwi and Tyler are the same person and he frequently posts under other peoples’ names. I don’t. I personally believe that transgenders try to hide their dysfunction and antisocial conduct from scrutiny and I predict that this “transman” will have skeletons come out of the closet just like the “transwoman” in NH.

  9. John P Ouderkirk, MD says

    I’m disgusted by these posts! Why don’t we fight together against bigotry!?! Why can’t we unite as the LGBT that we’re so often discriminated against? Kudos to the newly elected transgender man!!!

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