1. SpaceCadet says

    OMG, this is hilarious all around! Featuring the other Mark Wahlburg! I remember that confused me in my high school years when I was tuning into a show expecting Marky Mark and got this guy instead! And I just love how this show screams the 90s with the fashion and frosted tips. Jon Hamm totally strikes me as the struggling actor type here. Maybe that chick is kicking herself now. She could have dated or maybe even married a future A-list millionaire. Instead I think she picked the gay guy!

  2. arundel says

    I met Mark Wahlburg last year when I dragged a pile of (worthless) tchotkes to an Antiques Roadshow taping. That is hot DILF material right there.

  3. V-8 says

    gosh, we all had hair like him, and wore clothes too big like him… the good ol’ days…. that woman must be sooo pissed… a young Hammaconda must have been a sight to behold… that gay guy she chose looks crazy in the eyes, Ramona eyes….

  4. brandon h says

    Oh I can’t wait for his reaction to this on the talk shows. Or on SNL.

    Came off as surprisingly aloof and arrogant compared to how he presents on the talk shows shows and SNL. Guess he got his sense of humor and humility later in life. When he did that episode of 30 Rock where he was “in the bubble”, he must have been acting from experience.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    Yes, Steve, I’ve heard about “big floppy” but I’m no size queen. Maybe the woman on that show is though! And Hamm has definitely aged well. It’s great too that an actor can achieve success later in life as he has and like a James Gandolfini.

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