1. says

    He deserves all this success. His performance at the Oscars was also amazing. The fact that he didn’t get the award for best song is a shame.

  2. Princely says

    Actually, I had the same reaction when originally saw that international version, too. I love the idea of his song reaching so many different people and communicating such a unified, positive idea.

  3. Rolf says

    I haven’t watched Oprah in years. She comes across like a total phoney, all her expressions, gestures, words just seem designed for effect (and the fact she has no subtlety about it makes it even worse), no sincerity whatsoever.
    This woman is waaaaay too impressed with herself. She needs to pull that air hose out of her ass.

  4. fistoffury says

    My husband would leave me for Pharrell so I have a little bit of love-hate thingy for him lol

  5. says

    It’s GREAT – the guy…..I can’t! He’s so sexy, so handsome, so talented. And genuinely seems to be a truly great man. He gave the world an anthem of joy – even my parents are hooked on it! We need more people like him, please. Oh, such a dreamboat!

  6. Sam says

    One major reason why Frozen’s Let It Go won the Oscar instead of Happy is, to put it nicely the small, inbred of industry elites has the political last word with the final voting. (i.e. Oscar winner, ‘Crash’ instead of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ winning best film.)

  7. says

    Uh…Sam? The reason is more likely that the only song more guaranteed to get stuck in your head in the last 12 months than Happy was Let It Go.

    I’d know. I’ve been belting Let It Go, about 18 times a day, every day, since I saw the film in December. It’s a great song, that works brilliantly in the context of the story, and has a melodic hook that is Broadway-ready.

    Happy is GREAT – i love it. But there were few things that made more people happy this winter than delivering “the cold never bothered me anyway” with a wink in their eye.