1. Talisman says

    The strange thing is, it’s not a Blueboy Magazine she’s looking at, but an AMG physique mag.

    Maybe Blueboy wouldn’t give her permission to use a magazine?

  2. bravo says

    OMG – I grew up in the 80s and never saw this video. I recall the song well, but I had no idea what the lyrics meant. I am blushing now.

  3. Robert says

    How funny, this song came on during my run today and I wondered what the back story was. Cyndi’s the best.

  4. says

    Cyndi’s voice is still amazing and she’s a natural storyteller. If you get chance to see her in concert, don’t hesitate for a moment.

  5. greg says

    She is still so adorable.. LOOOVED this song and vid during the MTV heyday of 1984 when I was 19..Now its on my treadmill playlist lol

  6. Jerry says

    Jeez. Was the explanation really necessary? I was sixteen, a junior in high school and 85% out. I didn’t really need an explanation; I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.

  7. macguffin54 says

    The Filthy Fifteen that included such filth as… Dress You Up?? One of the most innocuous lyrics of the 80s. And, yes, some people did need to be told what She Bop was about. Not everyone listens to the words and not everyone who does knows what Blueboy was. I think there is enough in the song otherwise to get what it’s about, but, again, not everyone realizes what they are singing along to and it was so innocent sounding.

  8. Josh says

    Great Great tune! Ms. Lauper one true legend …Congrats on the 30 year anniversary of one of my favorite albums of ALL time!

  9. MATTYROCKS says

    WELL GOOD FOR YOU JERRY! Aren’t you a smarty pants!! Newsflash: not everyone is as brilliant and learned as you. If you knew it already, why are you clutching your pearls in faux disgust? Eye roll.

  10. David C. Jones says

    The extended re-mix of this song is one of the funnest re-mixes I have ever heard.

  11. Ryan says

    I always thought of it as a blue boy magazine, not a Blueboy magazine. I used to listen to this all the time when it first came out, and loved the message behind the song, as well as the song itself. But this is the first time I’ve seen the actual video. Love Cyndi!

  12. anon says

    The video was pretty explicit too and done in a retro fifties style, which is why they chose the Beefcake mag.

    PMRC! Yes, Tipper Gore’s political assist to her hubby Al.

  13. A-8 says

    macguffin54: To this day I STILL don’t get what it was about Dress You Up that landed it on that list! It’s a hell of a heavy stretch to get anything “dirty” out of it.