1. Sergio says

    What a travesty. There needs to be an investigation into the practices of the mayor… Although I doubt anything like that would ever happen in South Carolina.

  2. Howard B says

    While I am totally sympathetic to her situation, and I hope that she wins a big settlement in a lawsuit, why would she want to work in South Carolina in the first place?

  3. says

    Howard, it’s not that easy to just up and move to another state with more securities. You get a job where you can get a job and try to make due. Seriously I don’t even know why that’s a question to ask, as if people wouldn’t leave if they had the resources to do so.

  4. steve talbert says

    A lot of southerners want to be able to live in the town they grew up in, or at least nearby to be able to visit family. Maybe phones came late there.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    It’s annoying to hear people say, “well, why don’t they just move?” This is America, not Russia. It’s easier to stand up for yourself and make a difference here, even in more conservative states. You shouldn’t have to just uproot your life and move away from friends and family and even a place you love because certain people are giving you a hard time. If all we ever did was move away then how do we ever make change possible in these homophobic places. You have to stay and fight. And it sounds like there are plenty of sympathetic people rallying around the lesbian police chief. Yes, even in South Carolina.

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Howard – I left North Carolina when I was 18. I did that, because it seemed the easiest thing to do. I have a lot of respect for gay southerners who stay and fight for their rights.

  7. taxpayer says

    It seems like Mayor Bullard is trying to pull a Cracker Barrel.

    It’s too bad for him that it’s 2014.

  8. PalmettoDave says

    As a South Carolinean, I have to say the real story here is that the city council stood up to the mayor and took actions to limit his power. Latta is a small town (Wiki says 1400 in the 2000 census) in the impoverished and under-educated “Corridor of Shame” section along I-95 in the center of the state. I’m not so surprised that the mayor said and did what he did. I am surprised and pleased that the city council stood up and rebuked the mayor so quickly.

  9. JCF says

    “I’m not going to do it, because that ain’t the way the world works.”

    I think that Mayor Bullard is going to discover that “the world works” (even in South Carolina!) very differently than he thinks it does.

  10. JCF says

    “I’m not going to do it, because that ain’t the way the world works.”

    I think that Mayor Bullard is going to discover that “the world works” (even in South Carolina!) very differently than he thinks it does.

  11. Chadd says

    @Howard. Why should the lesbian move and let the bigot win? The mayor could just as easily move himself to Zimbabwe or Uganda if he doesn’t like the world he finds himself in. Basically you’re saying that it is acceptable to let the mayor run people out of town that he doesn’t like, so I guess you agree with the mayor in this case.

  12. Paul R says

    I think that Howard is asking why anyone would want to stay somewhere where such attitudes are common. She’s being bullied (to put it mildly) by the mayor, an elected official who represents the town and must be personally known by at least half the population. And I suspect that his views on this issue are well known.

    So the point is not that one person is a jerk, but that many people are sympathetic to his views. Life is much easier when you don’t have to be constantly wondering what might happen because you’re gay. Not to mention, I doubt she has tons of potential romantic partners.

    To its credit, the council showed that the city isn’t a monolithic band of backward bigots. And I give her credit for being out. But I wouldn’t be happy living there, and I would take no pride in protecting the pitiful. Happiness can be hard to find anywhere, so why make it even more of an uphill battle? Moving can be costly and challenging, but it’s cheaper and easier than putting yourself at physical and emotional risk.

  13. Jere says

    They need to hold a recall. This guy obviously used his power and position for his own purpose and agenda. Seven reprimands in one day shows his intent. It is abuse of power plain and simple.

  14. thom says

    Right on, Chadd. West Africa would be a perfect place for this mayor to relocate…haters love to be around other haters and boy does this fool sound like a hater. I feel very sorry for his grandchildren growing up with this maggot for a grandfather. They deserve better….and hopefully they have exited this cesspool of hate and intolerance. Troll.

  15. thom says

    ..and one more thing: Why do these haters have the same cretin looks? Just looking at his hateful face tells a huge story.

  16. BobN says

    “I would much rather have someone who drank and drank too much taking care of my child…”

    Something tells me those kids already spend a lot of time with a caregiver who drinks.

  17. Patrick says

    You folks who mock gay southerners for staying in their homes need to reflect on how long the places you live have had the rights and protections that you seem to take for granted.

  18. Acronym Jim says

    Again with the misspellings. According to the facts of the story, it’s obviously Dullard, not Bullard.

    Andy, you need to step it up.