Andrew Sullivan Brings His Brendan Eich Complaints to Stephen Colbert: VIDEO


Andrew Sullivan brought his argument that Brendan Eich was brought down by the 'gaystapo' (as like-minded conservatives would dub the imaginary group of gay activists conjured in this tale), to the Colbert Report last night where he was given carte blanche to discuss the episode.

Mozilla_colbertWatch the segments below.

A few notes of response to what Sullivan says since Colbert did not offer much.

Gay activists did not get Eich fired. As our Ari Ezra Waldman explains in his piece earlier this week, gay groups were not in this fight – Eich was brought down because he took actions that made him unfit to lead a unique community like Mozilla:

There was no mainstream gay rights organization calling for his head. No one "bullied" Mr. Eich out of Mozilla's headquarters. To say so is an insult to those of us who have been bullied in real life. And no cabal of intolerant gays proclaimed that disagreement with us merits unemployment. That seems to be a bogeyman conjured up in the prolific brain of Andrew Sullivan.

Eich was not being punished for a belief, as Sullivan says. He resigned after it was revealed he took financial action to specifically harm others (the Prop 8 donation) and made it worse by refusing to discuss his actions. It was not a group of gay activists out to "scalp" him as Sullivan would say, for a belief.

As Markos Moulitsas explained so well last week,

"This was Mozilla developers saying they refused to do work with a bigot, private websites blocking access to the Firefox browser because they refused to do business with a bigot, and employees of the firm speaking up because they refused to work for a bigot. In short, it was the free market expressing itself. Eich was perfectly within his rights to stay at Mozilla, but he would then face a hostile market and eventually faced the reality that he couldn't do his job in that environment. The free market spoke, and a free market enterprise was forced to react."

Sullivan says "where I draw the line is when we start targeting individuals for punishment or calling them heretics, or bigots, or haters without giving them a chance to really explain themselves."

But Sullivan did just that a few weeks ago when MSNBC was considering cutting Alec Baldwin for using an anti-gay slur. Michelangelo Signorile noted:

"…this is the same Andrew Sullivan who was first out of the gate with the pitchfork, driving Alec Baldwin off of MSNBC — as Baldwin bombastically charged that he was the victim of Sullivan and his "fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy." …

"But if you're going to get worked up over a guy hurling the word "c–ksucker" in the heat of the moment — while he also gave money and support to the causes of LGBT rights and marriage equality — you should be completely outraged by a man unapologetically giving money to a hate campaign that helped pass Prop 8 by demonizing gay men and lesbians in television ads charging that gays are dangerous to children. The damage done by those ads is incalculable, turning neighbors in California against one another, empowering anti-gay bullies in schools as well as the bashers on the streets."

Sullivan also brings up the talking point about Obama having the same views as Eich. Jeremy Hooper refuted that point well earlier in the discussion about Eich, writing:

…look, President Obama was certainly wrong on marriage, something he himself now realizes…But the fact of the matter is that the Democratic candidates (and most Dems in general) opposed the abject and unconstitutional nastiness that was and is Proposition 8 because, even when they had yet to come to their current places of support, they knew that altering governing documents for the sole purpose of limiting rights was a bad idea. Mr. Eich apparently felt otherwise.

Watch the segments below:

And here's Sullivan arguing the complete opposite in a discussion with Anderson Cooper about why Alec Baldwin should lose his job because of his anti-gay slurs:


  1. Tim says

    Andrew Sullivan should climb into a bondage swing, clamp himself in and leave LGBT writing to a writer with guts. Brendan Eich was unrepentant, that was his downfall. He helped fund a campaign that tried to stop people from finding love and a committed relationship and I don’t think any human being has that right. In that regard, he was inept.

  2. Caliban says

    Is it just me or are all Comedy Central videos autoplay? To have TWO videos playing simultaneously as soon as you open the TR homepage is annoying as hell!

  3. Dan Cobb says

    Sullivan is about as phoney as one can be! There is nothing genuine about him. He was HUGE cheerleader for the Iraq war –an idiot who wrote that he was unaware of the history of British and western influence in Iraq at the time of the invasion, and only became aware of some of Iraq’s history 7 years into the war… when he calculated that the war was failing and slowly morphed into a war opponent. I believe that Sullivan was paid by the Bush administration (read Rove) to support the war. The Bush administration was passing around money to help “form public opinion” in favor of the war and a number of “columnists” were caught taking the Bush money…. although Sullivan has never admitted to taking money from the Bush administration to support the war, he has steadfastly ignored any questions concerning this issue.

    His position on Eich is untenable, and he knows it. Add to that, the fact that Sullivan is lying about what brought about Eich’s resignation. Let’s face it, no company would want to have a Holocaust denier on their board, or a black-hating racist, or a person who publicly denigrates women…. but paying contributions to organizations that argue for second class citizenship for gay people, that’s what Sullivan is willing to give a pass to?? I despise Sullivan for all his money-grubbing and insincerity.

  4. Chandler in Las Vegas says

    Firstly, he is wearing light gray socks with a gray suit and black shoes. Some say this is OK, some not. But what we can agree on is that Andrew Sullivan, milky loads and all, is solely and exclusively TOTALLY about Andrew Sullivan. He is like the the third Gabor (gay-bore?) sister. He is La Boheme personified: Mimi, me, me, me, me… Ugh, drop a house on it, make it go away! Pleeeeeez.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    I agree with many of the comments.
    Sullivan has now set himself up as the protagonist for this new “gaystapo” soundbite.

    He will not acknowledge that Eike contributed funds to negate our rights…..pure and simple.
    Nor will he acknowledge that the employees of Mozilla detested Eikes.And if it’s true that the Bush Administration bought his support for the Iraq war then Sullivan is as malevolent as he is manipulative.

  6. Jon says

    “Take down the enemy!” Even when he’s been our vocal friend and ally for so many years now.

    You know that the “gay rights” movement has morphed into radicalism when we see hit pieces like this against a stallwart ally like Andrew Sullivan. I guess even Andrew Sullivan isn’t allowed to disagree with the radicalized talking points without being demonized.

    Wake up, folks. You’ve become a bunch of radicals, and are getting worse by the year.

  7. Hughes says

    Talk about a witch hunt….Andrew Sullivan has been after the gay community since day 1 of this story wanting to feed us to the conservative lions. This man is evil. Truly.

  8. A.J says

    You all think he’s bad in interviews? Trying working with him on a project. I sincerely think he is mentally unhealthy. Either that or a sincerely vicious, vicious, cruel man. (especially when no cameras are around to catch the fits he throws. I’ll leave it at that)

  9. Klien says

    Am I in the twilight zone? This man had nothing to do with this story and nearly two weeks after the Mozilla incident (which is OVER now) he and his publicists are still booking all these interviews of him demanding to insert himself into this story?

    Why doesn’t this clown get more heat from LGBT?

    Forget the Eich guy, SULLIVAN’S actions have been for more damaging to the community, and for a number of years at that.

  10. will says

    This shameless website (from the management to the commenters) is a virtual Andrew Sullivan lynch Mob. But that’s okay — in another week, like the Towleroad demonizing of Eich, you can all wash yourselves as white a snow and soothe you conscience by saying YOU NEVER SAID ANYTHING NEGATIVE about Sullivan.

    Why are my gay brothers like sheep? There are almost no dissenting voices here. You guys seem to be content being led around by the nose and then bleat like a drove of indoctrinated sheep.

  11. Gio Cio says

    You guys do realize this is the same guy who actively campaigned to not have LGBT included in the hate crimes bill -because he doesn’t believe in any sort of hate crimes bill and doesn’t believe hate crimes exist-

    He also told the LGBT community Bush would be good for the community and urged us to vote for him. THAT’S who you’re dealing with here.

  12. Sheila J. says

    Is the big elephant in the room that this man is bipolar and we’re not supposed to talk about it? This whole circus show he’s created with the Mazilla situation is completely deranged, border line psychotic. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian together don’t crave this much attention.

  13. AV505 says

    Andrew Sullivan the HYPOCRITE! His exact words after Prop 8 was “gays need to not be so whiny. If you lost, you lost. the people voted”………..he said that while HE HIMSELF GOT MARRIED IN MASSACHUSETTS!
    Andrew Sullivan strikes me as the type who would throw anyone under the bus to uplift himself.

  14. IrishFresh says

    This man did not birth the marriage equality movement (which he demands everyone acknowledge he did). The marriage equality movement actually began in the 1950s in very small steps taking many organizers, pioneers, volunteers and grassroots efforts to establish it. Not one narcissistic man.

  15. MH says

    He’s added fuel to the fire. Instead of keeping a level head, he’s actually a hypocrite. He’s the only member of any gay mafia that I’m aware of.

  16. Chripy says

    Sullivan just did an interview with mediaite where he boldly said “LGBT are worse than the Christian right”

    Why does any rational, non log cabin, non militant Christian LGBT support this man again? He’s sincerely out to destroy all our efforts and his remarks about our community to a straight audience are nohing but a platform to setus up and fuel ore homophobia in society.

  17. bkmn says

    Why Michaelangelo Signorelli speaks for the gay community but Andrew Sullivan does NOT:

    Sullivan is driven by his ego and will never admit when he is wrong (case in point: Brendan Eich).

    Signorelli will see others viewpoints and sometimes change his mind, publicly. He is also a master of presenting well thought out arguments, unlike Sullivan.

  18. Ben says

    Every time this Sullivan fool opens his mouth, he’s going off on gay activsts and “the left gays”
    Heck, his quotes against the gay community rival any conservative republicans but because he openly sleeps with men we give him a pass?

  19. Zell says

    99% of the comments here are simply ad hominem attacks on Sullivan. Personally I’ve always found him abrasive and hypocritical, but that fact doesn’t negate his point.

    And neither, incidentally, does saying that no gay groups were calling for Eich’s resignation. Because clearly the majority of the gay community, if Towleroad’s comment section is any indication, is calling for Eich’s head, and now Sullivan’s for defending him. The problem is that the gay community is largely in the right, and has been for a long time, and as a result we tend to think that we are rhetorically unassailable. I think Eich and his donation to Prop 8 are despicable, but the gay community needs to learn how to properly argue a point. Hint: the type of socks someone wears is largely irrelevant.

  20. STL6 says

    He’s done literally interviews with every publication about this story. Is he hard up for coins? Is money worth selling LGBT down the river? SMH

  21. Wallace Drews says

    He once wrote a book about gay marriage 20 years ago and since then has actively supported those who work against ALL gay rights advancements. This is no friend of the gay community. This man desperately wants to become a television talking head at the expense of the gay community.

  22. says

    Andy, thank you for clarifying matters. Andrew Sullivan is painfully clueless about what happened with Eich: his departure was not the result of LGBT rights activists rising up in anger, as Sullivan reflexively and ignorantly thinks, but the result of the reaction of people in Eich’s own world who didn’t want to work with Mozilla if he was going to run it. Their response to Eich marks a new milestone in the effort for LGBT equality.

  23. simon says

    Isn’t yours a “voice of dissent”. What do you want? You want a majority support. Wait. That is no longer called “dissent”. At least Towelroad didn’t kill off your “dissent for dissent sake”. Like Rick’s comments, we sometimes find them amusing though not that original. So stop the pot calling kettle black thing.

  24. UFFDA says

    For me AJ’s comments here are the most telling. Sullivan is bad business, a fully formed bully all his own and a lying, smarmy hypocrite. He should never be on camera where his absence of character is so apparent.

  25. Gerry says

    I actually am a subscriber to his website. In many cases I agree with him – like his story about Truvada yesterday. That said, there are sometimes when I am diametrically opposed to his viewpoint. This is one of them. The majority of his readers are opposed to it. They have let him know and he has acknowledged that fact. I am also against bullying and “witch hunts”, but this is neither. He has the blinders on. Unfortunately, this is just feeding into the right wing narrative of gay attacks on religious freedoms. Luckily, most people see through that now.

  26. simon says

    “Calling for Eich’s resignations” is not quite correct since it is not possible to call for someone’s resignation after the person has already resigned. It should be called something like schadenfreude. It is definitely not the same as the “gaystapo caused his resignation” mantra of Mr. Sullivan.

  27. simon says

    People on Towelroad “Calling for Eich’s resignations” is not quite correct since it is not possible to call for someone’s resignation after the person has already resigned. It should be called something like schadenfreude. It is definitely not the same as the “gaystapo caused his resignation” mantra of Mr. Sullivan.
    You have to provide proof that before he resigned, there was any concerted effort by any gay groups to call for his resignation. It clearly couldn’t have been done by anonymous commenters here.

  28. jexer says

    Sullivan is a traitorous sellout… Attacking out allies for slips of the tongue in the heat of conflict … And the absolving our true opponents by dismissing the actions of a true bigot that repealed our right to marry. Screw him… The man is a liability to our integrity, honor and dignity.

  29. Jere says

    I watched that episode of Colbert and must emphatically say that Mr. Sullivan DOES NOT speak for the majority of LGBT people.

    We are no longer going to be second class citizens. We will call out politicians and public figures for being the hypocrites that they are. Mr. Eich is certainly entitled to his opinion and can make financial contributions as he sees fit but when he becomes CEO of a major company that in turn has anti-discrimination rules in place and are totally onboard with inclusiveness and equal rights then that is a conflict of interest and we (LGBT) have a right to call that company out and not do business with them.

    So many Republican politicians won’t get our votes because lip service and actual actions in office are totally different from each other. This is how we viewed Mr. Eich. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!” We won’t be fooled any more and will call you out.

  30. Roscoe says

    “without giving them a chance to really explain themselves.”

    Nobody stopped Eich from explaining himself — he kept silent, never once offering any explanation of his actions. All he ever had to do was hold a press conference, make a statement on twitter or even on facebook. He avoided doing all of that and he can only blame himself for the consequences.

  31. Homo Genius says

    again – using Kos as a source in this story is very ironic and hypocritical since Kos wrote an editorial in college about how he didn’t want to shower with gays and what not in the Army.

  32. says

    Exactly, Roscoe. Eich had ample opportunity to explain why he took action to deprive people he works with of their civil rights.

    He could have either said he’d made a mistake or he could have stood by his action and articulated why it was important for him to take it. (Most people I know would have no problem defending contributions to causes that matter to them–why was a CEO so incapable of this?) Instead, he took the cowardly route and remained silent and defensive. It’s not surprising that Mozilla wouldn’t want such a coward to be the chief face of their company values.

    Sullivan has a long track record of making inconsistent and hypocritical arguments. He’s become ever more fervent with age, but, unfortunately, less articulate. The nuance present in some of his early writing is all but gone.

  33. BrokebackBob says

    His little boy in the big chair look is so much a part of how annoying Sully is. Media whore really doesn’t go far enough. Sully probably wanted to be bottomed by the Mozilla CEO in his fantasy life so he has to naturally defend him. The “gay mafia” is nothing more than a lot of gay men and women around the world who are (as Peter Finch says in the movie “Network”) saying: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”
    Get with the program Sully or be lost to obscurity if you aren’t already.

  34. says

    Andrew Sullivan has not lived in a place where same sex marriage was put to the vote. I live in Arizona. The billboards, tv ads, newspaper ads, radio spot during the 2008 anti-gay marriage campaign told me that as a gay man, I was out to get straight people’s kids to indoctrinate and convert them.

    This is the type of garbage that Eich gave $1,000 for.

    And once again, it wasn’t the gay people who got Eich to resign, it was his mostly straight workers who rebelled against his bad PR. Sullivan is like a broken record, always repeating the same tired lines.

  35. AG says

    What I like about this site that it confirms my contempt for the gay Left every single time. So hateful and intolerant toward anyone who disagrees with the current party line.

  36. Glenn says

    God, people, enough with trashing Sullivan for what he does or doesn’t do in bed! If there’s any community that should know how problematic that is, it’s ours. He provides ample targets on the intellectual front, let’s stick to that rather than the self-hating garbage.

  37. UFFDA says

    AG you are absolutely right. And everyone else is a troll if they don’t agree…but there’s only one troll with many names because there couldn’t possibly be more than one who has an alternate point of view. It’s funny, and it IS contemptible.

  38. Rich says

    Andrew Sullivan, though I agree he is taking this too far, has been a great contributor to Gay rights and always ‘shows his work.’ Most recently in his tireless support of president Obama in 2012. Ultimately, Eich did himself in, but AS is right, we (the gay community) should hold ourselves to a higher standard with both are friends and opponents. The personal attacks on Sullivan are disturbing. This is Town Hall stuff.

  39. Ben in Oakland says

    What Colbert did was his usual brilliant thing. He showed that not all gay people agree about eich, that there is debate and dissent.

    I certainly don’t agree with what happened to Eich, not that I like Eich or anything about what he stands for. The whole fracas just played into the winger’s victimization complex. Maybe it matters and maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know. I do know there are a lot of things to concentrate on that are far more important than the CEO of a minor company.

  40. BrokebackBob says

    Whenever someone asks you about the “gay mafia”, respond with:

    “The “gay mafia” is nothing more than a lot of gay men and women around the world who are (as Peter Finch says in the movie “Network”) saying: ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!'”

    Pass it on.

  41. DJSauvage says

    I liked that Andrew was a usually reasonable gay Conservative dissenting voice, but he lost my respect this week. The mental gymnastics required to publicly call for a boycott of Alec Baldwin, who said bad words, then having such a problem with some using the same tactic on Mozilla for a far worse deed, just isn’t logistical.

  42. Jeremy says

    As someone who works in the mental health field, and who has observed years of Sullivan making hypocritical points, I sincerely truly feel we’re dealing with a man who may be struggling with some mental health issue- which are no joking matter- which he himself hasn’t confronted yet.

  43. Bruins Fan says

    I actually briefly met him at a party once. He assumed I was straight. He proceeded to tell me things he found wrong with the gay community. That was three minutes into our convo. I walked away having come to the realization that Andrew Sullivan wants Andrew Sullivan to be accepted for being gay. Andrew Sullivan has no interest in other gays being accepted for being gay. Also, no joke, he walked away from the convo because a producer he always wanted to meet entered the party. So there’s that.

  44. says

    “I don’t like that kind of tenor, kind of impulse, to punish people for things they sincerely believe.” – said the man who pushed to have Alec Baldwin fired for saying something out of anger the he swears he doesn’t actually believe.

    I guess if Alec Baldwin actually stood behind what he said, Andrew Sullivan would have had a problem with MSNBC for firing him?

  45. says

    He’s adamant about sticking to his point despite the empirical evidence that his “point” is baseless.

    He blames “the gays” – when it’s been made clear over and over that no “gay Mafia” was repsonible for this.

    he has to insult “those gays”, however. He’s a textbook selfhater – his daily life is one big apology to this father he disappointed and the right-wing conservative men whom he sucks up to.

    he’s professional doormat, who need to make up lies about others because there’s barely a single decent thing he can say about himself.

  46. anon says

    I’m a little surprised TR commentators are shocked about AS vis-a-vis consistency. He’s been making opportunistic arguments for years. However, he didn’t call for Baldwin’s resignation in the clip shown, just called him a bigot because Baldwin denied being a bigot–so this was the context of his remarks. He’d probably say Eich was a bigot too. It also doesn’t matter what AS says, which I would hope people here take to heart since they are taking him way too seriously.

    For those thinking no one in the gay community was calling for Eich’s resignation, that’s completely false. There were plenty of comments here and there was a signed online petition signed by 70000 people and a lot of boycott Mozilla rhetoric. If you’re feeling a bit shameful calling for his resignation then own up to it, but don’t deny it happened.

  47. Morgan says

    ANON we have no reason to feel shameful. But you as a troll should be ashamed that you made mention months ago that when you see a same sex couple holding hands in Santa Monica, it never appears natural. That’s your own prejudice talking and you revealed yourself for the troll you are. Own up to it.

  48. Patrick says

    Andrew Sullivan has made a fortune off the back of the gay community, and enough is enough. I’m finally seeing gays stand up and challenge his intentions and call him out for the PHONY self hating fool he is.

  49. VEEJ says

    Andrew Sullivan really did seal his fate and destroy his reputation with this incident. Really flawed way of going about this whole thing. Heteros have completely moved on to others news stories (and there’s been many in the past few days) but LGBT will not forget Sullivan’s actions the past two weeks.

  50. Bill says

    @Ernie : Regarding the question “Most people I know would have no problem defending contributions to causes that matter to them–why was a CEO so incapable of this?” ….

    Here’s one scenario for how that could happen. You get some Mormon guy in Eich’s position at the time, possibly managing a software project with a release date looming. With about a month to go, testing uncovers a deadlock most likely due to a lock-ordering problem. This occurs once very 20,000 times so it is not easy to reproduce. He’s up to his eyeballs and putting in 70 hour

    Meanwhile, the “Yes on Eight” people hit the panic button and the guy in charge of their Mormon church asks everyone to do what they can. Our software developer isn’t paying much attention because he’s half asleep, but his wife, who is the queen b**ch of the universe, does. To keep her happy, he rights a check for $500. She’s still mad – the $500 isn’t enough to put here at the top in her woman’s group – so he writes another check for $500, just to keep her quiet.

    Then several years later the you know what hits the fan, and he’s sitting there in this firestorm wondering what his wive would do to him if he told people what actually happened, and figures that discretion is the better part of valor. Some women shouldn’t be aggravated – look what happened to John Bobbit.

  51. Randy says

    The stupidity is overwhelming.

    Not only was Eich not even threatened with being fired, nobody is ever “forced to resign”. The nature of resignation is that it is voluntary, particularly without the threat of firing.

    And yes, Andrew, there were bigots who now are not bigots. People change. Bigotry can be unlearned.

  52. says

    @Bill: I applaud your vivid imagination, but it doesn’t change my point.

    Eich had ample opportunity to act like a CEO and own his action, for better or worse, but he chose to hide from it instead, which displayed a cowardice unbefitting someone who was supposed to be a leader and the voice of a company.

    The fantasies you put forth in all these threads–that he was railroaded into the donation or too ignorant or busy to know what it was about–only makes him less suitable a CEO candidate. He needed to take charge of the situation–he failed, making his resignation entirely appropriate.

  53. ian says

    up until recently I visited Sullivans blog very regularly, almost daily. He posts a lot of interesting things other than his opinions such as poetry (he’s turned me on to a few poets for which i’m grateful), book reviews, new developments in the arts, intriguing and/or amusing videos etc. he also posts cogent rebuttals to his views from knowledgable readers that can cause him to clarify himself or change his mind. Even though he supported Bush in 2000 and the Iraq war, he had a tremendous mea culpa and seemed genuine in his examination of his own bias that led him (wrongly he admits) to that support. I can respect that. Not many have the capacity to so publicly do a 180 on their views. but recently the utterly discredited “the Bell Curve” a pseudoscientific “study” published in 1994 by a white suprematist Charles Murray came up again, and he still supports its racist conclusions. And now this kerfluffle about Eich in which he is so objectively wrong is really the last straw for me. He’s painted himself into a corner by doubling down and i expect that soon enough we’ll see another mea culpa, but i’ll read abut it elsewhere, not on his site.

  54. simon says

    Perhaps people should know that the petition was started by Credo, a progressives site.
    They are interested in all kinds of progressive causes like immigration, climate change, gay rights etc.
    Now we know this “gay mafia” actually is a essentially straight organization.

  55. simon says

    People should know the facts first before making all these unfounded accusations.
    The two gay developments who publicized his prop 8 donation had this to say after his resignation:
    Hampton Catlin on Thursday, though, called Eich’s resignation “the worst kind of victory.”
    “We never expected this to get as big as it has, and we never expected that Brendan wouldn’t make a simple statement.”
    If there is a gay mafia, these two guys must be its only members.

  56. Wilberforce says

    Here’s how it works. Commercial media have used us for decades as a distraction from their bosses corruption. Sully is one of their point men for this. But so is Colbert, and Cooper, and all the other pundits and shows who give them unlimited and unchallenged face time. Until we understand this, it’ll keep happening. And you’ll never get rid of Sully and his ilk.

  57. simon says

    Sullivan’s choice of Colbert was odd. If he is serious, he should go on CNN or even FOX to lay out the facts to support his accusations.
    He must have something to hide.

  58. Bill says

    @ Ernie: work on your reading comprehension. You asked how something could happen, so I gave you an example of how it could (for someone in Eich’s position, not necessarily Eich).

    These are not “fantasies”. Rather, I was pointing out examples of things you would want to rule out to show that your hypothesis is correct. The
    mistake people make is to start with some hypothesis (in this case, that Eich intended to harm gays) and then trot out factoids that seem to support it. What you should be doing is to look for tests that can disprove your hypothesis,

    If there are several alternative hypotheses and the data you have is consistent with all of them, you need to look for something else – data that can disprove the wrong ones. Otherwise you really haven’t shown much of anything.

    I’m simply applying that principle to this case. BTW, I’ve been doing the same thing with people claiming that a “gay mafia” of some sort (or maybe just those “godless liberals”) had Eich fired. Generally those comments appear elsewhere.

  59. says

    @Bill, my reading comprehension is just fine. I understood your point the first 100 times you made it on the Eich threads.

    While I find it extremely far-fetched that Eich didn’t intend to harm gays when he donated towards depriving them of civil rights, if that wasn’t his intention, he should have manned up and said so. My point is his refusal to articulate his intentions, which would have been easy enough to do, signals his failure to lead, and failure as CEO material.

    I often agree with you–such as on the “gay mafia” business–but in this instance I happen not to. Not agreeing is quite different than not understanding.

  60. brandon h says

    What is so frustrating about him is that he’s sometime right. Sometimes. This is NOT one of those times.

    And when he isn’t right is when his smug, self-righteous, and stubborn contrarianism flares up.

  61. Bill says

    @Eerni : quite obviously you did not understand it.

    I was pointing out a few of the possibilities and your “if that wasn’t his intention, he should have manned up and said so” is just mindless rhetoric. He may feel that his personal life and financial decisions are private. It could have been a joint decision by him and his wife (assuming he is married) and perhaps he doesn’t want to drag her into the discussion. You just don’t know.

    Meanwhile, nearly everyone is ignoring the curious fact that he waited until late October to make his first donation. If he intended to harm gays, why did he wait so long? It’s rather curious that his donation coincided with a panicked request for help from the “Yes on Eight” group where there was a lot of Mormon involvement – to the extent that a descendant of a former Mormon-church president shelled out a million dollars. Something was going on behind the scenes and we probably know only part of the story – otherwise the fine the Mormon Church had to pay might have been far higher.

  62. MCnNYC says

    Andrew Sullivan is the equivalent of a Bill O’Reilly.
    A blowhard who pretends he’s arguing pure ideas but willfully plays hard and loose with FACTS and is himself a bully.
    He’s a known hypocrite personally,professionally and morally.
    And as such, he does not get my respect or my attention.
    It saddens me when Colbert and Bill Maher treat him as the “go to GAY” without calling him out on his crap commentary.

  63. Artistry-Lyons says

    Andrew Sullivan actually DOES have great prejudice against gays. Talk to him one on one with no cameras around. He’s a very disturbed individual who puts the self-hate in self hate. Truly.

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