1. mcgill says

    “I feel totally unfairly picked on” = I can’t believe I’m losing money because some people care about others being stoned and amputated to death.

  2. Bob K says

    Unfortunately, lots of prominent properties in the US are owned by governments or individuals who do not hold our values — including the Wall Street Journal and Fox.

    I don’t think the Sultan is going to kill any of his wives or crash one of his hundreds of cars in anguish.

    Just as with Putin, the Sultan likely instituted the policy to keep the support of the local religion, and does not necessarily want to hate anyone.

    If the Dorchester Group REALLY wants to look better, they should offer to pay the wages and customary tips for alll the employees

    I hate that employees, particularly the Gay ones, are being hurt.

  3. Jason B. says

    This boycott does hurt the employees and has no measurable effect on the owner as any revenue from the hotel is fractions of a percent of his wealth. Unfortunately there is little that can be done via boycott that would effect the prince.

    If we as a country were serious about human rights we wouldn’t do business with any country that doesn’t follow internationally accepted human rights. Oh, I forgot the US doesn’t either as we are the only civilized nation still with a death penalty.

  4. Steve Talbert says

    Unfortunately, he should be directing his hurt and anger at Brunei. They are the ones with the law, and they are the ones putting the Dorchester Collection and employees in harm’s way.

    A boycott by people who disagree with stoning people to death for being gay is the perfect thing to do to register your disapproval.

    I also carry a card in my wallet that lists Koch Brothers businesses so I don’t buy their products.

    Every bit helps.

  5. rallyx says

    While I am sorry for the jobs that might be affected but the purpose of this boycott is to let them change. I personally like this because it actually is a hammer to them to CHANGE as quickly as possible.

    I am sorry, but stoning people to death is far more impt to be avoided than the loss of jobs. Both are terrible, but if I had to choose the lesser evil, I definitely would.

    And I am glad this is happening. Cut your ties Beverly Hills Hotel and it will be over.

    Bullied my ass. All they care is money when people in Brunei will get stoned to death. I think people want to make their voices heard the most way they can, they are just collateral damage.

    if they truly are businessmen, they know whaat to do.

  6. Bill says

    If the sultan were merely one of many investors, I’d have suggested that they mitigate the damage by donating to research in renewable energy (if nobody needs the sultan’s oil, that will put a dent in his income). Unfortunately, he (or rather an investment group owned by Brunei, which really means owned by the sultan) owns it.

  7. dumbnhung says

    The boycott needs to continue and needs to be escalated to all of the a-hole’s properties. Maybe he’ll start paying attention then. Short term pain for the employees = long term gain for gay rights globally

  8. Elsewhere1010 says

    I have a confession to make; I love the Dorchester. No, I’ve never stayed there, but I had a most gracious experience in the bar there, a moment of true hospitality and kindness during a freezing December in a busy world, and it’s one of my most prized travel memories.

    Today I know that the money that left my pocket enriched a small man with a hateful heart and a legal system that has decided I need to be stoned to death.

    So many people in the hospitality industry are truly wonderful, and I feel badly for them in this situation; these aren’t just hotels, these are showplaces, the type of hotels that people can spend their entire career aiming to work at… but the answer has to be no. Not anymore, not ever again, not for any reason. Sharia law and the possibility of being stoned to death outweighs all other factors. Sanctions, boycotts, picketing — all fair. All necessary.

    Anyone remember the Pride slogan from, I think it was 1986… “For love and for life/We’re not going back.”? Never again the back of the bus. Of checking yourself so you don’t look too gay. Of listening to fag jokes. Of staying silent in the face of fear, of danger, of opposition. Choices have to made and sides taken, and history will judge us on the stands we take today.

  9. ny2.0 says

    While I wholeheartedly support the boycott, in reality this sultan wouldn’t even recognize a change in the bank account. However the employees at this hotel most certainly will.

  10. I wont grow up says

    I agree with some of the comments, the boycott will only hurt the employees of the hotel, some of whom must be gay. In this climate people need jobs especially all the illegals I’m sure this and his other hotels employ.
    Also, having stayed in this hotel, I can state it is waaaaay over rated and over priced.

  11. petey says

    The employees of the hotel can get a job elsewhere. Gays who are stoned to death can’t get a job anywhere.

  12. Andrew says

    I’ve been a gay activist since the late 1970′s, named an early recipient of OUT 100, been partnered for 28 years and legally married to him for 4 years. I’ve donated a ton of time and money over the years.

    This boycott has really opened my eyes. We have become the bullies and zealots we supposedly fight against. Nobody at this hotel has done anything wrong. Many gay people work at the hotel and the management has always been, and continues to be, very gay-supportive. They provided employee benefits for same sex couples even before marriage was legal, they have donated money and facilities to LGBT causes, they advertise openly that they welcome same sex weddings.

    The only people this boycott is hurting are our friends. How sad so many in our community are willing to throw our friends under a bus to get a little publicity.

    The Sultan’s tens of billions of dollars of oil money is invested in hundreds of companies worldwide. The hotel is but a speck in his global holdings. Maybe this can convince him to sell the hotel, if he even notices what is going on or cares. That would be good. But he is a religious fanatic. Do you think he’s really going to change his religious beliefs because Ellen DeGeneres says not to stay at this hotel he barely remember he owns?

    NBC Nightly News aired a story about this tonight. Even Jay Leno said he had nothing against the hotel employees, who are wonderful and kind. Yet uninformed idiots are leaving comments calling the hotel homophobic and hateful. Nothing could be further from the truth. Idiots, all.

    NBC said that Brunei is smaller than Connecticut yet is the 5th richest nation in the world. Do you think this Muslim ruler is going to change his religious views because of a boycott of a speck of property that he owns? No, you will destroy the lives of our friends who work there. He could bulldoze the hotel down and sell off the land and it wouldn’t create the smallest dent in his wealth. Maybe he’ll just do that.

    If I sound livid, I am. Like I said, my eyes have been opened by this bullying I will continue to stay at the hotel, and I am going to change my will to eliminate leaving anything to gay groups, including HRC. The stupidity you are all showing is breathtaking.

  13. Hue-Man says

    The most damaging effect of a boycott is for the sultan to lose face – how welcome is he going to be at his next international meeting? Will presidents and prime ministers line up for a photo-op with an international pariah? In the vodka action, the economic impact may be small but the publicity effect on Putin and his corruption was priceless.

    People who call this bullying have never been bullied; this is the vaunted free market in action – if consumers don’t like the product or service, they’re going to stay away.

  14. Gary Bebout says

    I hope the hotel closes and is boarded up. They can blame gays and the Sultan. There is no Hollywood elite anymore anyway. So, will sodomy screw a Hollywood Historical landmark? At least the pool parties won’t be banned.

  15. Jeff says

    Sorry the hotel is caught in the crossfire of people losing their lives. Mr Christopher Cowdray while you are calling foul perhaps you should realize people are about to lose their lives. The least you can do is shut your piehole and perhaps look for a job where you aren’t contributing to their plight.

  16. John B. says

    If any money whatsoever from this hotel goes to the Sultan of Brunei (and gee, I’m guessing it does?) then Mr. Cowdray needs to explain exactly why anybody who cares about human rights should spend even one penny there.

  17. Rob says

    I agree, John B. The PR flacks may say that ideology has no place in the hotel, but if the profits go to a man who kills gay folks, or supports it, then it is immoral to stay there. Period. Andrew’s hot air is only that.

  18. petey says


    Saving gay men’s lives is not bullying. You should be criticizing the bullying by the Sultan of Brunei’s executioners.

  19. john patrick says

    How does the Dorchester Collection and Christopher Cowdray fit into the picture? Is this organization owned by the Sultan, or does the Sultan hire them to run the hotel? I think Christopher needs to inform the Sultan that people don’t like what he is doing to gay people. I think if he has any influence with the Sultan, he needs to pressure him. At any rate, though it would be unfortunate for the people who work at the hotel if it goes under, the lives of gay people in Brunei take precedence. If this hotel goes under, other hotels will benefit and should have positions opening up for the employees.

  20. J. says

    Andrew, you honestly think protesting against gay people being stoned to death is bullying? Bullying? The mind boggles.

  21. give me a break says

    “Nobody at this hotel has done anything wrong.”

    Uh, they’ve giving profits to the sultan’s holding companies, which is wrong. Honestly Andrew, that was the stupidest thing on this thread. The hotel could have decried the sultan and his despicable policies – which harm not just the gays, but slews of other minorities as well, including the Christians who now live under sharia law – but instead expressed no real sympathy with the people trying to do *something* to stop this injustice. Come on, some of the criminal penalties include dismemberment. And you’re outraged about a boycott!

  22. Paul B. says

    Andrew…I wish I could say this in a nice way but I don’t have time to waste on trash talk…so in short my little princess…you’re pathetic and weak….goodbye.

  23. Joe in Ct says

    Andrew, yes, please change your will and boycott the HRC. If you dare risk stoning, you and your partner could even move to Brunei to truly demonstrate support for the hotel’s employees. Your outrage is misplaced.

  24. John says

    What kind of psychological damage do you think Andrew has experienced to think gay people being stoned to death is okay? We’ve all experienced homophobia, but he’s a special.

  25. Jeff says

    @Andrew, I think you are way off the mark here. You want to protect LGBT employees in Beverly Hills by giving money to the man who murders LGBT in another country? Would you listen to yourself? By the way, starting off an comment with your bona fides is not a way to make me think more of your opinion.

  26. SpaceCadet says

    Personally, if I were a gay person employed at any of those hotels owned by the Sultan I would feel kind of dirty. It doesn’t matter if boycotting the properties barely makes a dent in his wealth. It’s about sending a marriage that such blatant homophobia won’t stand in our society and we stand in support of LGBT people who have less protections and threatened with stonings in nations like Brunei.

  27. Richards says

    Andrew, why dont you change your will and leave everything to the Sultan. He needs your support more than we do.

  28. Bill says

    Well, there’s another option, although it would need permission from “upper management”: the hotel could offer guests who object to the stoning an option of having the portion of their bill that would go to Brunei given to some organization helping AIDS patients or funding research. That would keep all the locals employed. It’s not clear, however, as to how many customers would take advantage of that option. If the sultan approves it and religious conservatives in his country object, he can point out all the chapters(?) in the Koran that start by referring to Allah as ‘merciful” and tell them that if Allah is merciful, the sultan should try to be merciful too.

  29. Amell says

    Instead of staying at any Dorchester Property world wide, contribute to Militant Brunei Liberation insurgents so they can overthrow that bastard like Gaddafi.

  30. Fox says

    He needs to realize that (smart) groups choose their battles based on what gets them in the news cycle. You look for the right set of factors. Look – This one has a Middle Eastern Sultan, luxury hotels, Beverly Hills, celebrity and world power guests, other notables out picketing on Sunset Blvd., and then add in homosexual stoning. It’s gonna get airplay. And they’re not so much being “unfairly picked on” as it is that they just have to realize who and what they are in the media, both mass media and social media.

  31. candide says

    we’re just waiting for tisani and the box turtle bulletin boys plus corvino to write another “freedom to marry, freedom to dissent” petition opposing the boycott because of the gay mafia. these homocons and homolibertarians have lost their minds.

  32. Randy says

    No money for Dorchester Collection, nor its employees. If they aren’t already seeking work elsewhere, they have no principles. And there will be work elsewhere. All those events will still go on, somewhere.

    Thanks, Mr. Leno. I was not a fan, but you have earned some respect.

  33. mike says

    It’s not just the Beverly Hills Hotel that is being boycotted, it’s all of the hotels owned by the Dorchester Collection. Dorchester Collection is a luxury hotel operator owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, aka the Sultan of Brunei.
    This includes:
    Beverly Hills Hotel
    Bel Air Hotel
    The Dorchester (London)
    45 Park Lane (London)
    The Plaza Athenee (Paris)
    Hotel Meurice (Paris)
    Coworth Park (Ascot – UK)
    Principe di Savoia (Milan)
    Le Richemond (Geneva)
    Hotel Eden (Rome)

  34. MaryM says

    I want an international arrest warrant issued for the Sultan of Brunei.

    This law is a crime against humanity and he must be arrested and tried and jailed.

    As for the Beverly Hills hotel – any self respecting person with any respect for human rights will find a different job.

  35. Isaak says

    Its not just gay people that are being stoned to death, it affects many different laws under shariah rule that will see this punishment inflicted. We need to focus on the fact that there is a larger issue than ONLY the gay one. These are all important things to stand up for. Adultery is one other reason to be stoned to death, as is opposing Islam, in a country where at least 30% of the people identify as Christian or Muslim (non-radical). Maybe HE won’t notice wether we spend our money there, but we should be more proud of who we are than to give the money we work hard for to someone that has so little respect for life outside of what he considers acceptable.

    I won’t travel to most of the Middle East or Africa as they’re happy to take my money as a tourist but if I were their citizen, I’d be in prison for being myself. Are they closing shop because of it? No. But I feel better as a person for not contributing to something so hideous. We all should have something to stand for. If this isn’t it, find out what is. But this would be a good place to start.

  36. says

    Andrew, have you ever heard the old saying about laying down with dogs and ending up with fleas? Be careful who you do business with or something might just rear up and bite you.

  37. Martin R says

    While the law does include the stoning of gays it is important to note that it is not just that It is the full implementation of sharia law that has similar punishments agains adulterers, etc.

  38. Sean Maloney says

    Me! Me! Me! It’s all about Me! Who cares about some gays in a far-off land?!

  39. steve talbert says

    I think its terrible that this horrible law in Brunei is going to cause a lot of people working at businesses related to the country to have to decide if they are going to contributed to stoning people to death for being gay it look for another job.

    FYI. I’m OK with adultery because that’s a behavior., (adultery is an actual choice for gay AND straight). If the citizens (subjects) don’t like that rule then they should rise up and rebel.

  40. Jack M says

    If people don’t want to stay at those hotels, they don’t have to. He has no reason to whine.

  41. says

    Unfortunately, the employees of the hotel who may lose wages or jobs because of this boycott will blame “the gays” rather than some remote foreign owner.

  42. jjose712 says

    The oil is not going to last forever, in fact i think a lot of us will see the end of this small rich middle east countries.
    Most of their economies will tumble in a question of months when that happen

  43. TampaZeke says

    You see that Andrew Sullivan? Even when the issue is STONING GAY PEOPLE TO DEATH we’re called “bullies” when we fight back!

    The message we’re getting from you and the Hee Haw gang over at Box Turtle Bulletin is that, no matter what, gay people should just turn the other cheek and never fight back against our oppressors.

  44. Liam says

    Bill: Well that would be the whole bill. The Sultan and his holding company own it outright.

  45. Arrow says

    I can’t decide what more threatening. Global warming or being stoned to death.

  46. Daniel says

    Poor dear. Maybe this will help him empathize with the people who will be stoned to deat.

  47. RealityClear says

    “Board up the hotel, and blame the gays for the eyesore. Why don’t they confront the Sultan in person, rather than conduct these passive aggressive cowardly boycotts? There is no iconic Hollywood anymore, so who really cares. The sultan of sodomy rules. ”
    4+ CBS Comments

  48. Alain says

    Sorry if your efforts over the years “in favor” of the gay community has failed to give you the fruits you expected, just one thing:

    True acts of love and support and unselfish and you should never NEVER expect something in return, otherwise it’s not love, it’s just something else.

  49. woodroad34 says

    While I under the Sultana of Brunei may be his boss, this idiot needs to get a clue about public relations. When the face of your company is a religious fascist, you don’t go around trying to save your image by becoming the American face of said religious fascist. Sympathy not granted–go away you corporate lackey. Lily Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills said it best: while the City may condemn the country of Brunei and not officially condemn the Hotel, she, personally would no longer stay there. That’s more reasoned, I believe.

  50. enchantra says

    Shut it down. And while you are at it, stop spending your money in Muslim gas stations and corner stores. those people give money to terrorists.

  51. Junior says

    F-CK THIS HOTEL! I will never be supporting any establishment that is owned by such evil

  52. Max says

    LOL rich, Christian (yes this man is a Christian) straight privileged man claiming he’s being ‘bullied’ …this is too funny. He has no grasp of the real victims of bullying around this world

  53. Klien says

    I hate this “it hurts the employees” crap. My company donated to horrific human rights violations across the world and once it was discovered, I quit my job. I was hungry and without money and even couch surfing but my integrity to not help hate gain more power surpassed my need for a paycheck. It’s first world problems to say “strictly think about the paychecks of these employees and ignore the people being killed overseas for who they inherently are”

    Taking a stance matters.

  54. Hughes says

    The self hating crowd made the same STUPID argument during the chik fil a ordeal saying “nevermind the fact that chik fil a donates MILLIONS to organizations that help kill LGBT in the world, won’t anyone think about the American hetero workers? let’s not penalize them” Give me a break!

  55. Two dads says

    Why would I as a proud gay man support a hotel who’s owner would profit from my money, and who seeks to stone gay people to death? Other than people battling severe internalized homophobia why would any self respecting LGBT bother stepping foot unless there’s a change of owner.

  56. John says

    But “The Beverly Hills Hotel” is a pink and green architectural beauty. Throwing out the baby with the questionable bath water? I want more factual documentation of this abuse. Refer me to the most accurate report.

  57. VOV505 says

    You’re hardly a “gay activist” …you’ve made more fem bashing, trans bashing, and homophobic remarks than the most bigoted republican. You’ve personal said “I love using the term ‘that’s so gay’ because gays need to know when they are being too much, and I encourage my friends to say that’s so gay. And I even use the term f*ggot in front of all my hetero friends”
    You’re nothing short of a self hating, TROLL. Be gone, pest.

  58. Kevin says

    We have a man who has a law in place for the stoning of woman and gays, which some reports state have already taken place) and some people are objecting boycotting business ventures this monster is a part of? Wow….homophobia and misogyny are VERY real in our society and apparentally far more acceptable than racism. And I say this a biracial man, but I’m far more inclined to boycott an owner who wants BRUTALLY kill women and LGBT over an owner who had his phone tapped into and made a few horrible racist comments in private. But I guess killing women and LGBT is more tolerable.

  59. Scott Rose says

    The notion that somebody with experience working at the Beverly Hills Hotel could not find employment somewhere else within the United States is idiotic.