MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Blasts GOP-Led Effort To Repeal Maryland’s Transgender Rights Law: VIDEO


On May 2, MSNBC's Ronan Farrow and transgender activist Mel Wymore discussed the Republican-led effort to repeal Maryland's newly-passed transgender protections.

Media Matters notes:

The fact that a major cable news outlet took the time to cover the fight over a state's transgender protections is remarkable. Aside from the transphobic panic attacks that occasionally flare up on Fox News, stories about the transgender community's fight for equal treatment don't typically get much national media coverage.

During the segment, Farrow and Wymore also discussed the U.S. Department of Education’s recent application of Title IX protections to trans students, India’s creation of a third gender option for trans and non-gender conforming people and Katie Couric’s invasive interview questions about trans actress Laverne Cox’s genitals.

As for the bill itself, on March 27th, the Maryland legislature passed a bill outlawing gender identity discrimination in education, housing, and public accommodations, and it now awaits Governor Martin O’Malley’s signature to become a law.

The law is supposed to go into effect October 1st, but if a new website belonging to Republican State Delegate Neil Parrot (X) successfully collects 55,736 signatures by June 30, he could get a proposed repeal of the law on the state’s November ballot.

Parrot has called the trans-protection bill “a bathroom bill,” employing the oft-used trans-phobic canard of men in women’s dresses sexually assaulting women and girls in public toilets.

Of such scare tactics, Media Matters further notes:

the claim that non-discrimination laws will be exploited by sexual predators is demonstrably false. In state after state with non-discrimination laws already on the books, experts have found no evidence whatsoever that protections for transgender people lead to increased incidences of sexual assault in bathrooms. In reality, transgender people are disproportionately victims of violence and harassment in public restrooms.