Gay Adult Film Studio Founder Pens Open Letter To AHF’s Michael Weinstein on PrEP

Peter Acworth

Peter Acworth, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based porn studio Kink-dot-com, has joined the crowd of people expressing their dissatisfaction with AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Michael Weinstein and his campaign against PrEP as a tool for HIV prevention, as well as his fixation on attacking the adult film industry. In an open letter hosted on his own site, Acworth says,

You have spent valuable donor money battling the adult video production community for many years as what appears to be your priority. This dates back to lawsuits you filed against AIM (the much cherished performer-created testing facility and database) which eventually put them out of business, to your lobbying efforts with Cal/OSHA, to numerous complaints you have filed against my and other production companies, to Measure B which mandates condoms in LA, to various bills you have sponsored with Assemblymember Isadore Hall, and on-going PR attacks on the industry.

If the current direction continues, I believe it to be inevitable that what remains of the adult video industry will leave the state. Worse, I believe the safety protocols the industry already has in place will become jeopardized.


Lastly, I know you have mixed feelings about PrEP, the new medical regimen that can help prevent HIV transmission. It’s not well-understood yet by performers, but I believe we owe it to the communities we serve to evaluate this on its merits. The fact is, none of the performers you bring to your press conferences would have been protected had AB1576 been passed ten years ago, because no California condom law is going to protect performers during their personal lives, or shooting on unregulated sets overseas.


  1. Jerry says


    Not a gay porn studio, per se; a greater percentage of their content is straight-oriented fetish porn. The reason that AHF has zoomed in on them is that some STRAIGHT performers, who don’t perform with condoms at all, turned up HIV+ (her boyfriend, a bisexual gay porn star who hadn’t worked for or any gay bareback sites/companies, if my memory serves, also tested positive).

  2. Buckie says

    Just STFU, and use a rubber.

    You know, I don’t really like Weinstein, but I like pornographers that make their living via addiction and exploitation even less.

    We’ve had safe sex info for decades now, there’s simply no excuse anymore for the spread of HIV.

    If I can manage to hit 50 and remain neg, anyone can. Simply make the f*cking effort.

    It’s not freakin’ rocket science.

    You don’t need a poorly tested $1,000 a month drug either, as if that’s going to protect you from any other STD.

    If there’s a failing it isn’t in the organizations trying to educate people, it’s in people choosing to remain pig f*cking ignorant.

  3. spg says

    I will never understand these stories or obsessions with condomless sex, as errotic as it may or may not be. In the/this dawn of superbugs super std’s and failing antibiotics there has never been a greater need for far reaching education on protectingones health. Sure these hiv bullets have their place, but to glorify them under spotlight is to do disservice to the needs of all members of not only our community but the sexual health of society at large.

  4. Hugh says

    @BUCKIE – stow it with the couch commentary, you think you can solve an entire industry’s problems in a few sentences?

    The fact is the entire straight porn industry shuts down when someone tests positive – testing is standardized and it’s the reason so many of their performers have been in 300+ scenes and are still clean.
    Gay porn can’t boast those kinds of numbers or testing standards – there’s already HIV+ performers who work among the studios, and the only way some studios, so far, have been able to produce bareback is to setup their little fiefdoms of exclusive actors (Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher – almost all of whom are gay4pay and all of them are tested).

    Kink always gets stuck in the crossfire b/c they employ crossover actors, even though they’re one of the most professional studios out there. Frankly, I’m glad they’re speaking out; there’re plenty of straight porn studios and performers that aren’t so nice to the gay porn industry.

  5. petey says

    Peter Acworth’s Kink porn business is atrocious and not GLBT-friendly. Women are often paid to perform lesbian acts for straight guys. They are often hit and choked for the entertainment of straight guys and their female friends.

  6. petey says

    There is also a homophobic double standard in the porn business. Homosexual acts between women are commonly depicted alongside heterosexual acts. Make homosexual acts are segregated and confined.

    Kink often pays women to be a part of this degrading spectacle. The sooner Peter Acworth is run out of town, the better.

  7. alex says

    @petey: But this company also produces scenes where men are dominated by women. You conveniently left that out of your diatribe.

    Personally, I don’t see the appeal of any of these sites. But, I don’t understand your criticism. None of the performers (men or women) are being forced to work for Kink. Plenty of adult actors have long careers without ever working for Kink or another BDSM company.

  8. Oh vey says

    Wow plenty of busybodies that seem completely comfortable butting into others’ sex lives and wagging their fingers, then clicking on the next article and whining about how NOM and the AFA are doing the exact same thing to them. Adult film stars and the people who buy and watch the movies can do what they want, and it’s none of your business.

  9. John says

    And yes, the first comment by Jerry is correct: while does produce content for gay/bi men, the overwhelming majority of their content is for straight people.

  10. Jack says

    Nothing turns me off more than seeing woman in online porno. I can’t get it off the screen quickly enough. Maybe it’s just quirk of mine. I’ve never made the connection between women, and their private parts.

  11. Lima says

    What @OhVey said. Get over it people. Don’t watch. The market will always adjust to the reality. You want to regulate business to a certain standard fine, they evolve to accomodate. You want to interfer with how its done, bye bye, they move operations where there are zero regulations. Game over.

  12. Tom in Lazybrook says

    So PrEP has the repuation, rightly or wrongly, of being a drug for the party/bareback crowd.

    Does anyone think that this is, in anyway at all, useful to those who advocate PrEP’s usage in HIV negative Gay man who are not in serodisconcordant relationships?

    I wouldn’t have said what Weinstein said, but I certainly oppose the normalization of barebacking. And will do so until the medical experts say that PrEP without a condom is a responsible and valid health choice for casual sex encounters. I’m not aware of any medical doctor that is willing to publically state that.

    As a taxpayer, I shudder to think how much I’m going to have to pay for his actors treatment for STI’s and/or PrEP. He’s making money off of barebacking. He should be paying the full cost of the results of what he’s doing.

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