LA Governor Bobby Jindal To Award Anti-Gay ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson


Remember Phil Robertson, the reality show star of A&E's Duck Dynasty who compared homosexuals to drunks and terrorists and called gays ”insolent, arrogant god haters”? Yeah, well, Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is going to give him an award for Entrepreneurial Excellence:

The governor has called the Robertson family, whose Duck Commander empire is based in West Monroe, La., “great citizens” of the state.

A&E says the Duck Dynasty season premiere on June 11 will feature an appearance by Jindal, who will present Willie Robertson — CEO of the family’s business — with an award.

In February, Jindal was at Duck Commander headquarters to present the first Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence to the Robertson family. The award is aimed at honoring “homegrown Louisiana businesses that grow and provide more opportunity, more jobs and more commerce” for the state…

Sure, Robertson’s business, Duck Commander, reportedly has millions of dollars in annual sales, but the man also thinks black people were happier before civil rights and that it’s okay to marry 15-year-old girls.

Robertson’s other conservative supporters include Sarah Palin and anti-gay Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.

(via Crooks and Liars)


  1. Moz's says

    duck dynasty receives $70,000 in tax credits each episode

    less Entrepreneurial & more welfare

  2. steve talbert says

    This isn’t much different than many “successful” businessmen in Louisiana.. probably more than half.

    >>> but the man also thinks black people were happier before civil rights and that it’s okay to marry 15-year-old girls.<<<

  3. IDontWantThat says

    The guy on the left looks like his face should be beside a colloquial definition of the word Ding-A-Ling.

    The guy on the right looks like he belongs in the movie Deliverance.

    Put them side by side and you get this surreal display.

  4. MIke says

    Not that there was much of a chance of it happening, but this will further remove Gov Jindal from serious Presidential consideration. The republicans like him just enough to let him run a state, but I fear he’s been “baked a little too long” for the current crop of them to ever consider having him run the country.

  5. gregorybrown says

    @Bubba: Jindal was born into a Hindu family, not Muslim. He converted to the RC church,

    @SEan: a “pedophile” is somebody with sexual attraction to prepubescent children. A 15 year old is outside the bounds of interestfor pedophiles. Somebody attracted to 15 year old boys would be termed a “pederast” or “ephebephile”. I don’t know
    the equivalent term for girls.

    I’m not quibbling. There are facts about people and accurate terms to describe attractions and their objects. Leave it to the other side to throw terms and non-facts around carelessly.

  6. Fox says

    Oh I get it, Gregory Brown. Being pedantic is only important when talking about non-gays. But when talking about gays, throwing terms and non-facts around carelessly, like calling ALL gays pedophiles, is perfectly fine. Got it. Thanks for the uplifting, enlightening, and consciousness raising discourse.

  7. Kieran says

    I can just imagine Phil Robertson’s acceptance speech: “Ummm, I’d like to thank Governor Gunga Din over there for this award…. how’d you get to be Governor of a state boy?”

  8. brandon h says

    Damn, these bigots like to jerk each other off so much it makes you wonder…

  9. Joe in Ct says

    Thanks for making that point Gregory. I think Fox just missed it. Irony rules.

  10. jamal49 says

    @GREGORYBROWN nice clarification!

    As for Bobby “The Twerp” Jindal, this should just about ice his presidential hopes (although for the life of me I cannot understand who the hell would have considered him a serious contender).

  11. emjayay says

    Seriously, what the eff is wrong with this guy? He’s a Rhodes scholar, and a complete moron by any standards. He got two high level government positions in LA when he was in his mid-twenties. He was completely unqualified for either one by educational background and experience. Plus: mid twenties. Plus, he’s a pencil neck brown geek in the South.

    His whole self is just totally inexplicable.

  12. anon says

    This is known as “winning by association”. The gov. wants to share in the success limelight with the Robertson clan.

  13. L G. says

    what nationality is “Bobby2? And adult that looks this stupid needs to be a Bobby I suppose
    How does New Orleans get along with the fool?

  14. gregorybrown says

    Fox, I don’t understand your comment at all. Other folks got what I said. Maybe you just didn’t pay close enough attention. I can’t do much about the haters lumping us all with pedophiles–except try to give them the correct terms when the chance comes up.

  15. StevyD says

    “Remember Phil Robertson, the reality show star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty?” No, and why should I.

  16. nolafred says

    Oh and this is the first evah and probably last of these awards, made especially for Phil and the Klan.

  17. nolafred says

    >How does New Orleans get along with the fool?< Most of us try to pretend he just doesn’t exist.